Friendship. It’s free, awesome and lasts forever.

It works like this: 1. Interact with a number of people. 2. Pick a few you like. 3. Do fun stuff with them until you miss them when they’re not around.

It’s as simple as that. And now that we’ve introduced 2-4-1 Burger Tuesdays, the list of fun things to do has grown even bigger.

To illustrate the kind of friendships our burgers are made for, here are a few of the most famous buddies in the world.

Thelma and Louise

The phrase ‘friends until the end’ gets thrown around a lot, but no-one could have meant it more than these two, whose bond was sealed eternally as they plummeted to their fiery deaths after intentionally driving off a cliff. That’s definitely deserving of a burger.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman


Not all friendships start for the right reasons, but whether it was surviving a hostage situation with an murderous Mexican drug dealer or starting a very successful *ahem*…pharmaceuticals company together, there’s no one who can deny that these two bros have seen each other through thick and thin.

JD and Turk

Probably one of the most irresistible bromances ever. Even Turk’s wife Carla comes to eventually accept that she’ll never be as close to her husband as JD, which is the sign that a friendship has truly reached its full potential.

Kenan and Kel

It didn’t matter how cartoonishly chaotic a situation got (usually as a result of Kel being incapable of not spilling orange soda over important people and expensive things), nothing could come close to affecting the undying love between these two.

Sam and Jon Snow

Ever since the day the ever-so-noble Jon Snow protects the down-on-his-luck Samwell Tarly from a gang of Night’s Watch bullies, we knew these two would be BFFs. Their loyalty to each other can transcend any eternally binding Night’s Watch vow, and is totally deserving of a burger to seal the bond.

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda

94 episodes. 2 feature films. These women shared a bond that was so endearing, nothing in New York could stop them. They changed the perception of females on TV forever, and for that, they’re definitely deserving of a round of burgers.

Chandler and Joey

Probably one of the strongest friendships that has ever existed between two dudes ever. If you have a connection like this with someone, never EVER let them go. This is the absolute height of friendship.

If you think you’ve got a friendship worthy of a 2-4-1 burger bond, then pay us a visit on a Tuesday and we’ll make sure you pay tribute to it in the right way.

In the meantime, take a look at our food menu to see what you could be sharing a special moment over.

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