To celebrate the start of the music festival season and the finale of our 5 Weekender Fe5tival, we’re launching 9 (count ‘em!) new vodka flavours to help you get in the festival mood. On top of that, we are dedicating each of our new vodka flavours to a ‘Must-See’ artist on this year’s incredible Glastonbury line-up! Because, why the hell not?!

This weekend is the 5 Weekender closing party and it’s going to be massive. You can try our 9 new vodka flavours plus everyone’s fave, Very Cherry for just £10 in our Fe5tival stick! ( Offer not available in Scotland) Book your party area here.

Fiery Ginger.

There really is only one artist worth dedicating our new Fiery Ginger flavour to – the fiery rock god himself, Ed Sheeran. Whilst Ed’s stage persona is that of a sweet, kind-natured country boy with a penchant for catchy little pop songs about Lego, it is a little known fact* that he suffers from severe and debilitating anger issues which cause him to violently lash out at his guitar after each gig if he deems that it had allowed him to play a bum note. Oh, and he’s got red hair. Catch Ed at the Pyramid Stage on Sunday.

Black Pepper.

 You’ll need balls of steel to tackle our new Black Pepper vodka flavour, so who better to dedicate it to than the kings of overly-macho-shouty-rock-metal, Metallica, right?! This year they are Eavis’s choice for the pseudo-controversial, publicity-generating headliner. Expect lots of black, lots of hair, and lots of excessive fret-wanking. If you like that sort of thing, they are headlining the Pyramid Stage on Saturday.

Doctor P.

 Our deliciously unique and original vodka flavour conjures up hazy, nostalgic memories of childhood and of an innocence lost forever, before combining them with the much more grown-up sensation of drinking really good vodka. Only one band fits the bill here – Tune-Yards. Nothing else can be so brilliantly childish, whilst compelling full grown adults to dance like idiots – Just like our Doctor P vodka! See them at the West Holts Stage on Friday.

Pancake Syrup.

Which country do you associate with Pancake Syrup? That’s right, Canada of course! And which band immediately springs to mind when you think of Canada? Hell no, not Nickelback… Arcade Fire of course! ‘The Fire’ as their fans probably call them, have been going for a surprising 13 years now and have released four excellent records full of high quality alt-country-tinged indie tuneage. They headline Glasto for the first time this year, so expect a greatest hits set of epic proportions at the Pyramid Stage on Friday.

Brew & Biscuits.

Ahh, tea and biscuits – a quintessentially English phenomenon which can only be dedicated to an artist who exudes Englishness – such as the great Billy Bragg. Unlike most singers, Billy is righteously proud of his accent and chooses not to sing in a silly faux-American drawl like so many others, electing instead to sing in his own charming Essex twang. Catch Billy and his romantic take on folk-punk protest music at The Leftfield Stage on Friday.

 Melted Ice Cream.

 Our wonderfully specific new vodka flavour immediately evokes memories of hot, balmy summer afternoons in the park, frantically trying to finish your ice cream before the last bit slides off the stick and befouls your sandals. Also containing the word ‘Melt’ (did someone say ‘tenuous’?), is the name of a fantastic new band you may not have heard of yet, called Melt Yourself Down, who we are dedicating this flavour to. Fronted by duelling saxophones, they deliver a frankly mental high-energy blend of afrobeat, funk and jazz. Warning – your body will dance even if you don’t want it to. Get down with them at the West Holts Stage on Sunday.

Salted Caramel Popcorn.

Upon sipping this flavour, your mind will be transported to images of cinemas, classic movie soundtracks and glamorous American filmstars. So which artist on the Glastonbury 2014 truly encapsulates the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood? There’s really only one candidate – the self-styled ‘gangsta Nancy-Sinatra’ herself, Lana Del Rey. Whether it’s her slightly clumsy attempt at channelling the essence of David Lynch films into mainstream pop culture, or her long and overly-ambitious music videos – there’s certainly something of the silver screen about Lizzie Grant. Catch her sultry set of Hollywood-inspired pop at The Pyramid Stage on Saturday.

Sour Berry.  

Sharp-tasting and fruity-flavoured, our new Sour Berry flavour is dedicated to the sharply-dressed and slightly fruity oddball that is St. Vincent (a.k.a. Annie Clark) – a wonderfully eccentric and unique artist who has worked with the likes of Sufjan Stevens and David Byrne. Her reputation grows with each new album, so expect big crowds at The Park Stage on Sunday.

Little Tart.

We know what you’re expecting, but stop it! It would be far too easy (and sexist, obviously) for us to dedicate our Little Tart flavour to a young blond pop starlet such as Ellie Goulding or Miley Cyrus for example. But we’re better than that. Especially when there’s someone who we think would actually be delighted by having such a thing dedicated to her, should she find out. Hence why we are dedicating our Little Tart flavour to the original and still the best pop tart around, the great Dolly Parton. The pint-sized country singer with the biggest bazookas in showbiz is of course famously not a tart at all, having been married to the same man since 1966 – but she certainly enjoys looking like one! Catch Dolly and her country charms at The Pyramid Stage on Sunday.

*Also known as a ‘made-up fact’, in case Ed’s lawyers are reading this

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