We’ve come up with the top 10 things from days gone by that NEED to come back.

1. Tamagotchi

It taught us about family values and caring for others. Tamagotchis weren’t just a game, they were a way of life. And we want them back. So we can neglect them all over again.


2. Mr Frosty

Make your own sugar filled slush puppies and ice lollies. Basic life skills really.


3. Hyper colour t-shirts

They changed colour with heat to give a tye dye look. So you sweat and your t-shirt *literally* changes colour. Seriously, who came up with this life-destroying genius…?


4. Blow up furniture

Ridiculously uncomfortable and the constant fear that it will pop. But that’s what you get if you buy a sofa for a tenner.


5. Aliens

Squidgy aliens that if you rubbed their backs together they reproduced!  Admittedly I don’t know anyone who managed to breed them but IT HAPPENED ALRIGHT.


6. A pin impression

Sometimes the simplest things, like pressing your face against a bed of pins, are the best!


7. Etch A sketch

One second it’s there, the next it’s gone. Magic!  People who could actually draw on these things deserve your respect.


8. Dream phone.

It taught us the basic rules to dating and for that we will be eternally grateful.


9. Cereal surprises

Words cannot describe the anger you felt when your younger sibling got to the coco pops first. If we still started the day with a free spoon, the world would be a much better place.


10. MSN Messenger 

The only way to flirt with your school crush. Life totally ruined when your mum needed to use the land line.


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