These days you could be forgiven for mistaking a festival for a catwalk. What you wear is becoming almost as important as the bands you see and “festival fashion” has somehow become part of all our summer wardrobes, whether we are going to spend the best weekends of our lives sat in a muddy field or not.

And it’s no bad thing. There is a lot to love about festival fashion.

For starters, the “rules” are pretty limited. So you can work an outfit however it suits you. Combine weird and wonderful textures, colours and styles and nobody will bat an eyelid. All the one-off items you’ve bought over the past year that don’t go with anything else? Wear  them all together! That’s festival fashion right there! Feel free to overshare on the bits of your body that you love, and go all hippy and floaty on the bits that you don’t, stick on some killer shades and you’re halfway to Coachella.

We’ve given you a kickstart in thinking about your festival wardrobe by looking into how to work the best festival celeb looks on a budget. But remember, you don’t need to be actually going to a festival to be the next Moss. Why shouldn’t you wear a crop top and trilby to the local shops? Stick a goddamn flower in your hair and make your own party. Just don’t forget to pick up some toilet roll on your way back.

Millie Mackintosh

However you feel about the whole MiC heritage/ Pro Green fiasco, you gotta love Millie for her sense of style. This girl can seriously put an outfit together. And, if you follow her on Instagram, you’ll know she has worked hard for dat booty.

So, how the hell does she do it?

Well, for starters, she has sh*tloads of cash. But that doesn’t mean you can’t steal her style for far less. Millie has become a staple part of the FRO crew now her Sloane Ranger days are behind her and, as a result, our festival fashion wardrobe goals should bow down to this true fashionista.

Get the look:

These high waisted denim shorts from New Look are super flattering and a festival wardrobe must-have. In fact, scratch that, we plan to live in these all summer long. We don’t care if it rains until October.

This gorgeous floaty Kimono is so boho it hurts. Peace, love and high fashion for true hippy vibes.

No festival wardrobe is complete without a pair of oversized shades and we love these from Missguided. Those retro lenses… WANT!

Gigi Hadid


She’s the woman of the moment who, at the time of writing, is free, single and not tied down to an ex-Directioner. So she is probably planning a summer of looking spectacularly awesome at every festival going.

It’s what we would be doing anyway.

Ok, so she’s an international supermodel who’s best friends with Kendall Jenner and we’re… well, we’re not… but that doesn’t mean we can’t pull together some trend-setting Gigi-styles for festival season! Let’s do this!

Get the look:

Ok. Bralets. Bear with us. We strongly believe that anyone and everyone should have the confidence to work a bralet if they so wish. And Missguided have some really pretty ones you should check out. Like this cute white one… wear it under an oversized check shirt or teamed with a floaty maxi. Be brave. It’s what festival fashion is all about.

Nothing says “supermodel nipping to the portaloos” like a fringed waistcoat. This is next level festival style and we reckon you’re gonna work it like a pro.

New Look are playing a really strong shorts game this summer. High-waisted, distressed, fitted or with a cute button detail, like these ones, they are your festival staple. And we never say things like ‘staple’ because that’s for the fashion bloggers. So we really mean it this time.

All dressed up and no place to go? Head down to Revolution and get involved with our brand new Summer Love Stories cocktail menu. Flower garlands and Hunters boots optional.

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