Summer is (kind of) here and here are our top 5 picks for the season. All certified festival smashers…

The hottest female rapper out there right now. The hype machine has gone utterly bonkers for the Brooklyn born 20 year old MC. We are expecting to see a debut album soon. In the meantime check out her recently released ‘1991 EP’

1. Azealia Banks– ‘Jumanji’ (produced by Hudson Mohawke)

Super sexy deep house with a sultry vocal from Virginia. Massive on dancefloors from Ibiza to New York.

2. Steffi feat. Virginia- ‘Yours’ (Original mix)

Our favourite track at the moment. An unashamedly cheesy (yet brilliant) remix of the 90’s R&B classic. Tops off boating scenes all the way. If this doesn’t make you smile then you got problems buddy.

3. Mark Morrison– Return Of The Mack (Viceroy ‘Jet Life’ Remix)

Lucid and sultry UK garage/ House fusion from Disclosure. Annoyingly talented and barely out of their teens. You will be seeing these boys everywhere in the next few years. Destined for big things showing production merit wait beyond their years. Simply amazing bass music to lose your shit too. We like the moany rude girl samples too 😉

4. Disclosure– ‘What’s In Your Head’

A nod to the dearly departed MCA from Beastie Boys, This remix of Sabotage is so huge. Done by Alex Metric for his festival appearances. barnstormer. Please play loud and not on those shitty tinny laptop speakers we all seem so insistent on using

5. The Beastie Boys– ‘Sabotage’ (Alex Metric re-edit)

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