Winter and fashion can be a terrible combination.

When the snow starts to fall, the need for a comfy, practical outfit can easily trump your desire to stay stylish.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not when you know us.

So, ditch the frumpy wooly jumpers and puffy skiing gloves and take heed of our winter style tips.

Oversized Puffer


Oversized garments are in, and so is the puffer jacket.

Get yourself an oversized puffer and you’ll be ticking three boxes in one.

What’s the third? Well, the cold won’t be a problem for you in one of these insulated wonders.

Buy yours here.




There’s something slightly uptight-looking about turtlenecks, but this being the age of irony, this quirk is now celebrated by cool people everywhere (see Emma Watson here).

Say goodbye to an exposed neck. Say hello to sophistication.

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We know what you’re thinking. Leggings are SO out.

Well, the catwalks are saying times have changed. This winter, you can take advantage of all the leg hugging warmth of leggings without worrying that you’ve totally lost touch.

Don’t be afraid of going for something a little different too. You’ve got to OWN the look, so stray away from hiding away behind a plain black pattern.

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The military have always known how to handle winter. They probably didn’t realise they’d end up looking extra sleek in the process.

This look is everything you need to keep your cool without feeling cold.

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David Bowie boots

platform boots

Now here’s where winter gets exciting.

If this year’s catwalks are anything to go by, statement chunky sole boots are no longer reserved for rockstars.

Perfect for keeping your toes toasty, the gods of fashion are being kind to us this winter by deeming this funky style on point.

Buy yours here.

Out-there headwear


Yeah, you could go for that beanie hat you wear every winter.

Or, you could push the boat out a bit and go for something a little different. For example, how about a velvet cap?

Velvet has popped up in loads of winter collections this season, so if you can blend the two bold styles you’ll be so in charge of winter you’ll feel like the goddamn snow queen.

Buy yours here.

You’re now fully prepared to take on winter whilst keeping your sweet style intact.

If these garms still aren’t enough to keep you warm, we’d recommend numbing yourself to the cold with one or two of our cocktails.

See you soon, you smooth criminals.

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