Look, we get it. You’re sick of being so desperately out of the loop when it comes to fashion.

You were wearing bootcuts when all your squad had moved to skinny jeans, you scoffed at your bezzie wearing a statement necklace and you still don’t own anything pastel coloured.

But this season is going to be different. Spring is here, floaty floral skirts and chokers can do one, ‘cause there’s a whole new set of fashion trends to be gettin’ on BEFORE any of your mates.

So sit back, get an ASOS tab open and get ready to refresh your wardrobe with our definitive guide to spring fashion.

Bright Stripes

In every colour, shape, size and form, stripes are back with a bang this season.

With bold combinations stolen straight from beach umbrellas, awnings and even the odd Picasso painting, you NEED to be wearing statement stripes this spring.

The Cold Shoulder

If you aren’t getting a minor case of frostbite on one of your shoulders this spring, you’re doing it plain WRONG.

Off-the-shoulder, asymmetric tops and dresses have been trending for a little while, but expect to see them dominate your Insta’ timeline this spring as one exposed sultry shoulder ain’t showing no sign of getting, erm… Covered up.  

Heels that purrr

A couple of years ago kitten heels were considered the eighth deadly sin. In fact, what are we saying? That is definitely still the case, right?

Well, not according to Vogue, Anna Wintour and the rest of the fashion world, who ALL say kitten heels are about to strut back into your life.

Look, we’re not completely sold on this one either. But what Wintour says goes, right? Pfft.

Robe Up

Now this is one trend we can firmly get behind. After the seemingly unstoppable slip dress trend, the fashion world has taken it one step further with robes you can wear IRL. 

It’s hard to say whether this trend started on the catwalk OR with that woman who wears her dressing gown to your local Tesco Express, but it’s comfy, cosy and supposedly now super cool. And we hope it’s here to stay.  

Think Pink

Well, not all shades of pink. Forget sickly bubblegum, watermelon or even rose pink.

No, the fashion Gods in their infinite wisdom have decided that spring will be all about fuchsia. And we’re not talking about just a small splash of the stuff, either. Think head-to-toe fuchsia. Do you dare?

We’re good at all the sports

Hoodies, tracky bottoms and a fresh pair of Nikes. No longer is this outfit confined to the gym or, perhaps more accurately, a 14-hour Netflix marathon.

Spring is all about releasing your inner Sporty Spice, and pretending you’re athletic and that sports actually matter. Race you to the checkout!


Now, you’ve got the garms, you’ve got the shoes (meow), all you need is the place, right? Easy. Book a table at your nearest Revolution and get a drink or two with a bunch of fellow forward-thinking fashionistas. See you soon!


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