Hey Stafford.

Something pretty damn big is happening tonight.

You see, Revolution Stafford bar and restaurant is opening, and we’re not really into being modest about it.

In fact, we like to go totally the other way. That’s why we’re throwing an epic launch party of ridiculous proportions.

If you’re planning on joining us, here’s our guide to getting the most out of the night. And if you’re not joining us, well, we apologize in advance for the major case of FOMO we’re inevitably going to inflict upon you.

Don’t be late

Here’s the problem with being fashionably late.

If the party is a really, really good one, are you really doing yourself a favour by turning up late for it and missing out?

Because that’s not cool. That’s just a bit silly really.

Do enjoy the entertainment

Live bands. Hand-balancing act. Breakdancers. Living statues. Costumed hosts. And that’s not even the half of it.

We’ve got some seriously awesome entertainment planned for tonight. We don’t want give away too many more details, but expect a wide range of extraordinary performances for your eyes to feast on.


Do sort your moves out

We’re going to get you moving Stafford.

After a few cocktails, there’s nothing like expending all of that dutch courage on a selection of very bold dance moves.

Our tip? Try putting in a bit of effort into learning a couple of smooth moves, to increase the odds of you coming across more John Travolta, and less David Brent.

Do take a look at our cocktail menu

Look, here’s how it is. We make cocktails. Loads of them. Like, almost too many.

Believe us, it’s not going to be easy picking the right one when you’re caught up in the pressure of a very busy queue (we’ve sold out of tickets, so we KNOW it’s going to be busy).

Do dress nice

Tonight is going to be like the god-damn Oscars, so you’ll want to dress appropriately.

After all, you don’t want to be the only chump who came in sandals and socks when everyone is looking as smooth as Dicaprio, right?

Dress. To. Impress. That’s the way to go.

There you have it. All there is to do now is heed our advice and get ready for a night unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Seriously. You genuinely might need to do some meditation or something to prepare yourself mentally for this one.

Show us what you’re made of Stafford.

Get your party started
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