The summer survival guide

Summertime. For some of us it means a sweaty commute and hours of weather-chat around the water cooler but, for the lucky few, there are weeks and weeks of freedom stretching out in front of you.

For you summer is a time to party, see friends and catch up on Game of Thrones. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it. Don’t worry, we’re not jealous at all…

In amongst the funtimes you might have to throw in a part-time job, (funtimes won’t pay for themselves) but, without trying to rain on your parade, there are other things which may get in the way of the non-stop fun-fest.

And that’s where we come in… at Revolution we’ve come up with some important things you should remember to safeguard your summer…

1.       Homies vs Uni friends

You’ve spent months at Uni, made friends that feel like family, shared secrets in “I’ve never” that you swore to take to the grave but now they’re coming to visit…  and that means meeting your “mates from home”. Mates who’ve known you since you were 11, who know your mum, who stuck by you through that awkward emo stage…

But what if you’re different with each group? What if they don’t get on? What if your new mates find out what you are really like?

We say: keep cool. It’s all in your head. No doubt they will establish a common ground (taking the piss out of you). Start things off with a night out, break the ice with a Revolution Das Bomb. Remember that they are all your mates, and people are allowed to change. This could be the start of something magical…

2.       The Black Cloud

There’s something you should be doing. Starting that assignment? Thinking about a career plan? Helping that relative out with car boot sale? But it’s just there at the back of your mind, putting a black cloud over every happy moment.

Well why don’t you just put it off until as late as possible?…

Just kidding, grow some kahoonas and get it done. The cloud’s going to get darker and darker if you don’t. And afterwards, you can celebrate, knowing smugly that you are well and truly carefree. Why not book yourself a special night out at Revolution or a cocktail masterclass, give yourself an incentive to get things done and then really let you hair down, knowing you’ve earned every shot!

3. Fighting FoMo (Fear Of Missing Out)

Everyone’s got those Facebook friends that take too many photos (filtered to death obvs), check-in at every cool joint under the sun and write status after status tagging in a list of mates or, even worse, ‘you know who you are’. So much social activity that you’re left feeling like you’ve been living under a rock all summer.

It just doesn’t help with your severe case of FoMo.

Well we say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Not only will everyone know you’re having fun (that’s the whole point of social media isn’t it?) but at the end of summer, when you’re getting the back to reality blues you’ll be able to look back at all the amazing times you’ve had! So get tagging, checking-in, mastering your selfie technique and tweeting. Diaries are so 1990.

To get you started check out and @RevolutionBars. Get the FoMo in check…

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