Just because you don’t quite believe in Santa any more doesn’t mean you can’t get on board with some of the traditions. We don’t know about you, but the excitement of opening gifts still stops us from getting any shut eye. There are tonnes you can get up to before the big day, so here’s our list of the ultimate Christmas Eve traditions.

1. Get in your best PJs

Whether it’s a Reindeer onesie or your Star Wars PJs, getting comfy for Christmas Eve is an absolute must. No one can judge you for wearing the most questionable clothes imaginable. Go for it, pal.

2. Watch Christmas Movies

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! To be honest, there are so many Christmas movies to pick from, and they’re probably still in your DVD cupboard at your parent’s house. Sip on some Baileys and pick a cracking film to get Christmas Eve going.

3. Prepare a snack for Santa

Since you’re not a kid anymore, we reckon you should update this a little. Instead of milk and cookies for Santa, prepare a midnight snack for yourself when you’re in between movies on Netflix. If you’re lucky, your beer-bellied dad won’t spot them before he ruins your night.

4. Cry over your failed love life

Did Tinder fail to heat up your year? If you’re feeling rubbish, we suggest guzzling an enormous bottle of wine, Bridget Jones-style. Get it out of your system so you aren’t a blubbering wreck to your Auntie Judith on Christmas Day.

5. Become jealous of other peoples’ social life on Facebook

There’s that popular person on Facebook. They get 100+ likes on a post about food, and they have tonnes of mates. Better yet, they’ve posted photos of their massive house party and yep, you’re not invited. The reality is, you don’t know 50 people outside of Facebook, let alone trust them enough in your house with your laptop’s Internet history.

6. Hang up the Christmas stocking

We don’t know about you, but we love Christmas stockings because it’s a way to persuade your family to fill it with even more gifts. There’s nothing better than looking in yours and finding a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, a Toblerone and chocolate coins.

7. Hit the bars with your pals

If you’re not the type to sit inside and escape the cold weather, we think it’s a smashing idea to get together with your pals for some mulled wine. Who knows, you might get a Crimbo kiss from someone, so compose yourself and don’t come across as a festive fool.

8. Go carol singing

And by this, we mean drunk singing with a cocktail. Chances are, there’ll be loads of Christmas songs blasted in bars, so why not join in? It doesn’t matter whether you make a fool of yourself because everyone is going to be in the festive spirit.

9. Sulk because the chippy isn’t open

When the semi-wild night out is over, you know what you’re craving. That’s right, a kebab to curb your hangover. Unfortunately, you realise that it’s Christmas Eve and the people working there do have a life, too. Your walk home consists of a rumbling stomach and lots of sulking.

If you really want to step it up a notch this Christmas Eve, why not visit us at one of our Christmas party venues and join in a winter feast that’ll prepare your stomach for Christmas Day? Just don’t overdo the cocktails.

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