Listen up, Torquay.

We could have a pretty modest launch party, you know? We could just organise a small get together for you and a few friends with some polite dancing, nay, swaying.

We could do that, but it’s just not our style. In fact, we like to go totally the other way.

That’s why we’re throwing a completely off-the-hook, straight up EPIC launch party of ridiculous proportions in just a week’s time.

So if you’re planning on joining us at Revolution Torquay, here’s our guide to getting the most out of the night as well as dealing with your sudden symptoms of mood elevation when you arrive. And if you’re not coming, well, we apologise in advance for the serious amounts of FOMO you’re about to feel.


Practice those dance moves

First things first, we know you’re a great dancer.

Sure, you’re not classically trained so to speak, but rhythm is your middle name and that thing you do with your elbow? So damn graceful.  

But for our launch party, we’re going to be getting you moving more than ever before, so it might be worth perfecting some signature moves.

Or, just stick with what you know, and do your David Brent impression all night… That works too!

Dress to impress

Now, if you take away the hordes of A-listers, those genuinely talented people and all that god-damn esteem, our launch party is going to be exactly like the Oscars.

So with this in mind, you’ll want to dress appropriately.

Our tip is to dress like you’re going to win the Oscar for Best Actor/Actress and not the award for Best Sound Editing.

Be fashionably early

Look, we get it, sometimes being late is necessary. The start of a party is usually full of awkward introductions, sober chit chat and hiding in the bathroom until more people turn up.

But trust us on this one, our launch party couldn’t be any more different. With some truly ridiculous things planned from beginning to end, you’re not going to want to miss a single second on this shindig.

You will be entertained

Live bands. Breakdancers. Canapés. Cocktail sampling. And that’s not even the half of it.

We’ve got some seriously awesome entertainment planned tonight. But ‘cause we love a bit of mystery, we don’t want to give away too many more details, so just expect loads of extraordinary performances for your eyes to completely feast on. 

Find your perfect mix

You’ve made it to the bar. You’ve got one of our cocktail menus in hand. You know what you’re after, but one of your mates committed the ultimate sin when asked what they’d like to drink… ‘Just surprise me!’

Oh, you’ll surprise them, you think. Surprise them with an icy glass of tap water, how’s that for a surprise, eh?

No, come on. You’re better than this.

You flick through the menu. You see a sweet cocktail with a side of Rainbow Drops, a sophisticated Espresso Martini and EVEN an Earl Grey tea cocktail served with a fancy saucer. That’s just what caught your eye on one page.

You came for a G&T, but now that’s out the window and you’re playing eeny, meeny, miny, moe with about seven cocktails and the bartender’s asked you what you want and you’re sweating and you can’t decide and thepressureisjusttoomuch.

Take it from us, don’t get in a panic tonight. Have a look at our cocktail and mocktails and pick your favourite in advance.


Now, make sure you’re sitting, because you’re about to go weak at the knees… Our launch party is NEXT FRIDAY!

So come on Torquay, show us what you’re made of.  

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