We’ve all been there. It’s Christmas morning, you get handed an enticing-looking gift-wrapped package off your loved one. The anticipation overcomes you and you rip open the wrapping feverishly to reveal…a multipack of sport socks. Urgh. Christmas day ruined.

Well, never fear dear reader! After months of research, by which we mean a quick Google search, we have put together a Christmas list that would make any vodka lover’s day. And we know you love vodka. Everyone loves vodka right? RIGHT?

Theresienthal Samira Vodka Glass 

vodka glass-compressed (1)

Mouth-blown and diamond cut, this is the vodka glass to end all vodka glasses. Designed by the renowned glass specialist Gottfried Palatin, the Samira combines aesthetic prowess with a totally functional form. At least, that’s what it says here. Look it’s pretty and expensive OKAY?

What’s the damage? – £83.41

Buy it at artedona.com

Black & Blum Polar Bear Ice Tray

ice cube polar bear-compressed

So it might look like some kind of questionable personal massage device but this ice tray is an ingenious bit of kit. Just fill it up with water, stick the lid on and whack it in the freezer. Then when you want ice, just pull it out and shake out the cubes.  It’s ice making laid ‘bear’.


What’s the damage?  – £10.00

Buy it at johnlewis.com

The Little Black Book Of Cocktails

Vodka Book-compressed

Listen, if you REALLY want to learn all about cocktails you should get some proper experts to give you a masterclass (cough, cough). But as a taster this book is perfect. 150 awesome recipes, fun anecdotes and small enough to fit into your handbag.

What’s the damage? – £5.99

Buy it at amazon.co.uk

Kaufmann Luxury Private Collection Vintage Vodka


Probably not one to use as a mixer at your next house party, this pricey wheat vodka from Russia is the best of the best. So it should be, with that fancy looking bottle and a price tag that is well north of a hundred quid.

What’s the damage? – £126.00

Buy it at thewhiskyexchange.com

LSA Oak Vodka Paddle Board

 Vodka Paddle Set-compressed

Twelve shot glasses. One ice bucket. You know what to do.

What’s the damage – £125.00

Buy it at selfridges.com

Speaking of Christmas (and vodka), have you sorted your Christmas party yet? Give us a shout, we’re really quite good at that kind of thing.

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