Summer is over, and with it goes all of our dreams of sunshine and holidays and late night parties and basically everything good about life.

Now we’ve got to enter into soggy old autumn, which is basically to our calendar what Niall is to One Direction – like, you’re not bringing anything unique or special to the table, so why are you even involved?

Let’s break it down, and see what grim surprises autumn has in store for us.


Leaves of every colour shimmering in the trees. Sunsets so rosy and golden it looks like you’re staring straight into a patch of heaven. Mist hanging delicately in the streets wherever you go.

It’s all so very unsightly.


There’s absolutely nothing worse than putting on a fun costume with all of your friends and letting go of all your inhibitions for one night of carefree partying, probably resulting in one of the best nights-out you’ll have all year.

And it gets even worse with all of that free Halloween candy knocking around.


Luxurious wooly jumpers. Suave coats made of leather, plaid, denim and suede. Warm browns, understated greys and inviting reds all over the show.

Pfft. Autumn fashion is SO limiting.


Now that the weather is going to be a little colder, you’re going to have to start eating all of those comfort foods you absolutely hate eating.

You know, soul-warming stews, indulgent puddings, and all of that kind of awful stuff. It’s just depressing!


As if it couldn’t get any worse, you’ve also got to suffer through that awful night where you get together as a family and watch the immeasurable majesty of fire dancing in the treacle-black night sky.

Talk about hell on earth.


Towards the end of Autumn, you’ll start to feel one of the most unpleasant feelings known to man.

It’s that point where you realise Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s grim.

Your heart will begin to flutter with magical anticipation of the festivities to come. The world around you will begin to shimmer with an inexplicable sense of beauty. Everything around you will start to come alive in a way it hasn’t all year round.

It’s the build-up to Christmas, and it’s not the kind of thing you should get excited about.

Right? RIGHT?

Wrong. Autumn, as you can tell from our ultra-sarky breakdown (unless you’re REEEALLY dim), is actually a really delightful time of year for so many reasons.

If, of course, you’re willing to try and get the most out of it.

We’d start by taking a look at our Christmas party options and getting that sorted with us.

We’ll take care of everything, so you can focus on the awesomeness of autumn and REALLY start to look forward to the most wonderful time of the year.

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