Ah, New Year’s Eve in London.

You stand on the banks of the Thames in anticipation, breathing into your scarf as the biting cold air nips your nose and cheeks. But it’s okay – you’ve got a beer in your hand (and gloves on, thank GOD) and you’re with your best friends, about to ring in a brand new year.

Pffft. What a load of b*llocks. Seeing as they’re now charging an extortionate ticket fee for the privilege of standing outside and freezing your arse off, we’re saying sod that.

Nah, New Year’s Eve is your night to shine, so check out one of these spectacular cities for dazzling displays, a helluva lotta drinks and the BEST parties around.

Hogmanay in Edinburgh

While Big Ben’s ‘dahn sahf’ doing his dongs, the party goes OFF above the border. Think BIG crowds, live music in every bar and plenty of booze.

So if you want a drink, you cannae go wrong by heading to Revolution Edinburgh. And if you want fireworks, make a beeline for Edinburgh Castle; there’s street parties filled with performers, dancers, acrobats, disco divas and fire eaters. But be warned – it gets ram-packed, so either be early or be happy with a bit of a crappy view.

You’ll also need tickets – get ’em here


Ok, hear us out here. We know it’s not a city, but if you fancy a freakishly unique NYE, ol’ Northumberland’s where it’s at.

The Allendale Baal Fire is a pretty nuts pagan ceremony which takes place on the stroke of midnight – and has done for hundreds of years.

Basically, blokes dress up and carry burning barrels of hot tar on their bonces, all around the town before chucking ‘em on the bonfire. Then, the party wraps up with a rendition of Auld Lang Syne (obvs) and a few fireworks thrown in. And hopefully no third-degree burns.


It may be the rainy Northern city to end all rainy Northern cities, but you better believe Manchester is fully prepared for celebrating the New Year in style.

From the mental firework display at Albert Square, to the underground raves, alternative indie clubs, and the straight up fancy overlooking the Quays, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice this New Year’s Eve in Manchester.

And with no less than FOUR Revolution Bars in Manchester, you really can’t go wrong.


Pack your superhero outfit and your biggest smile, because fancy dress is the order of the day in this Cornish seaside resort. So get seriously boozy in your best get up, then finish off the night with fireworks at Newquay Harbour.

And the best thing about Newquay (because let’s face it, it’s not the day-long journey to get here from just about anywhere else in the UK)?

The bracing coastal walk and sea breeze will do wonders for your hangover in the morning.


They get mwi (a Scottish acronym meaning ‘mad wae it’, slang for totally wasted), so it’s absolutely MENTAL all night long… Especially at Revolution Glasgow.

Do you really need more convincing to head above the border? Nae, we didn’t think so.


Whatever you were planning for New Year’s Eve this year… SACK IT OFF immediately.

You’re never far from a Revolution Bar, so get involved with one of our wild NYE parties and welcome in 2018 the ONLY way it deserves.

By drinking. Dancing. And doing all the things you’re gonna resolve not to do again in the New Year but you’re deffo gonna do after two days anyway. Yay!

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