We know a thing or two about how to party, but even the very best have to find inspiration from somewhere. So here is a list of some of the biggest party pioneers that have ever lived.

Tony Wilson

tony wilson

A true Manchester original, Mr Wilson was responsible for managing one of the greatest nightclubs of all time – The Haçienda. The club pretty much introduced house music to the UK and redefined partying for an entire generation. As if that wasn’t enough Wilson also ran Factory Records (home to Joy Division, New Order and The Happy Mondays), was a successful TV presenter and had a film made about his life called 24 Hour Party People.   

Emily Eavis

If ever one single event encapsulated the party spirit it would have to be Glastonbury. It was actually Emily’s dad, Michael, who decided to stick a stage in a field and have a massive weekend shindig (LAD), but it is Miss Eavis who has really taken things to the next level, most notably the introduction of the Park Stage and its many insane party areas. She has pretty much single-handedly  managed to turn the UK’s biggest music festival into a worldwide party phenomenon. Not bad for a farmers daughter from Somerset.

Corey Delaney

We think the video pretty much says it all on this one.

Lady Gaga

lady gaga

Global pop superstar, fashion icon, philanthopist and massive party animal. If one person sums up the 21st century party vibe it is New York’s very  own Stefanie Germanotta. From her legendary ArtRave concerts through to her showstopping outfits, Miss Gaga has twisted the concept of what a female pop star can be and taken it totally next level. Long live the queen.

Cara Delevingne


At just 22 Miss Delevingne has already achieved what most of us could only dream of. Whether it’s modelling for the biggest names in fashion, appearing in Hollywood movies or kicking off a career in music, Cara has done it all. She even provided voiceovers for computer games. Obviously. But she also loves to get the party started. She does stuff like insisting on doing interviews in bed, and with her pet rabbit in the room. Bravo, Cara.

Andy Warhol

andy warhol

Although primarily known as the founder of the pop art movement, Andy Warhol was equally influential in creating one of the most influential party scenes that has ever happened. He managed seminal art-rock band The Velvet Underground, put on numerous ultra hip events across New York City under the banner of The Factory and was a huge influence on David Bowie. He was also fond of Absolut vodka, going as far as to design a bottle for them.

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