You heard the rumours. And yes, they were true.

No, we’re not on about the eleventh studio album by British-American rock band sensation Fleetwood Mac. Although that was a belter.

No, we’re actually referring to what you heard about our bottles of Revolution Handcrafted Flavour. Yes, you CAN now buy them online and yes, we HAVE got everything you need to know right here.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL indeed. Now let’s go.

Where can I buy them?

Easy. Head over to and BAM they’re right there. Done.

What flavour Flavours can I choose from?

YES. We were hoping you’d ask that.

Very Cherry

Now Very Cherry is quite possibly the cheekiest of all our Flavours. Our most popular choice – and with good reason. A lip-smacking hit of cherry intensity, perfect to drink straight or with a mixer for a long, lusciously sweet cocktail.


Is there anything as sweet as old-school bubblegum? Well yes, there is. Our Bubblegum Handcrafted Flavour is a candy-infused blast of the party spirit. Bluer than a Tuesday after the weekend’s sesh, and best served ice-cold.

Pear Drop

Fruit. It’s good and everything, but it’s totally better when it’s in sweet form. We’ve only gone and taken it even further, with our Pear Drop Handcrafted Flavour that’s pure liquid sweet shop, but with alcohol, obviously.




Triple-distilled and absolutely delicious, our Handcrafted Flavours have been fuelling your nights out since 1996. Get on the STORE, get yourself a bottle and get involved – the party starts when the postman’s at the door.