Halloween. That time of the year when the fake blood flows like wine and spray-on spiderweb sales increase by 10,000%. But despite the trend for ever more elaborate fancy dress costumes, a quick rummage around the hidden wardrobes of the Internet turns up some real horrors. Here are some of the best of the worst:

Here’s Johnny!

condom fancy dress

“Hmm, what shall I dress up as for the Halloween party this year?”

A condom?”


Cone and get it

traffic cone man

Nothing screams ‘party’ like a traffic cone!

Dat outfit dough

sexy pizza

Apparently, this costume is called ‘sexy pizza‘. Just let that sink in. Sexy. Pizza.

Fry me to the moon

eggs and bacon

Continuing the ‘dressing up as food‘ theme, here is the perfect option for the couple who want to show the world just how greasy and unhealthy they are. FUN. We meant fun.

Angry Bird

angry birds fancy dress

Or as we like to call it, ‘dignity‘.

Get wheel

hip hop hamsta

This is known as the Hip Hop Hamsta. No, we have no idea either.

Want to do Halloween properly? Come and see us. No sexy pizza outfit required.

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