We all dream of one day throwing that party.

You know the one we’re on about. The party that looks like a goddamn Rick Ross music video.

The kind where the drinks are goddamn premium and the music is goddamn loud. Where everyone is in their swimming gear because there’s a goddamn pool in the goddamn back garden. Goddamn.

You know.¬†That¬†party. The trouble is, you don’t have that house.

Now, if only there was a service where you could hire a house like that for one night with no strings attached?

Read on. We’ve got something you might want to take a look at.


This is an outrageously incredible offering in Central London, boasting 6 floors of stupidly extravagant party space. Does it actually get better than this?

Apparently it does, as a reviewer pointed out ‘there was a Jacuzzi on the roof that wasn’t even listed’. Ridiculous. Check it out here.

soho new york

Located in the heart of Soho, NYC’s hippest district, this is the kind of party venue that’ll make you feel cooler than you’ve ever felt in your life. Which is important, because that’s kind of the point of going to a party, right?

Check it out in all of its ridiculously swanky splendour here.


Thailand is already a bit of a golden paradise, so what happens when you throw a party inside a house there that’s just as paradisaical?

It’s like, a party, within a paradise, within a paradise. And we want to bust open a few bottles of Grey Goose vodka there right now. What do you think?


Manchester is a cool city, and it’s Northern Quarter is one of its coolest areas. Basically, that makes this penthouse one of the coolest places to host a party in the world.

If Morrissey liked to party, this is the party he’d be playing beer pong at. Check it out and gasp in awe.



Uh oh. Now this is the real deal.

Everyone pictures these kinds of parties happening in LA, with celebrities popping in for a drink casually like it’s the Oscars. With this stupidly awesome house, you can actually make that dream come true.

Book it here. Then all you have to worry about is getting Drake’s number so you can throw him an invite.


Phwoar. Now that is the kind of party house dreams are made of. It’s only in Spain, so it’s not even that unrealistic that you actually fly out there.

Can you believe you can actually book this out for a casual weekend away?

Check it out and let you dreams come true.

We hope that’s inspired you to go on and make something special of your weekend.

Of course, we’d never actually recommend you book one of these places just to throw a massive party.

We would never, ever suggest you expose yourself and your friends to such an insane amount of fun. Never. How preposterous that you would ever even think that?!

(Do it).

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