If there is one thing that has flipped dining on its head over the last couple of years, it’s the rise of street food. From the food trucks of New York City to the street vendors of Shanghai; the great value, accessibility and downright tasty options offered by street food has totally transformed how we eat. But who is leading the way in this food revolution? We decided to take a look at some of the very best.

Kogi BBQ – Los Angeles

Kogi BBQ

This LA institution is about as legendary as street food gets. Founded by Mark Manguera, Caroline Shin-Manguera and Roy Choi, Kogi has been banging out the finest Korean-influenced tacos since 2008. The meat is slow-cooked, the tortillas homemade and the vegetables super-fresh. Proper high-end food at pocket money prices.

Try this: The signature Spicy Pork Tacos are to die for.

Joo Hooi Café – Penang

Joo Hoi

Despite being called a café, Joo Hooi is little more than a street stall in the George Town area of Penang. The atmosphere is vibrant, hectic and intense; qualities that describe the food as much as the location. The menu is packed full of tender noodles, the freshest seafood and flavours from subtle to big-time spicy.

Try this: Get an authentic taste of the region with the outstanding Penang Laksa.

Pizzarium – Rome


It might be off the beaten track, but Gabriele Bonci’s pizza takeout joint at Via della Meloria is a must-visit for anyone hitting the Italian capital. The dough is fluffy, the crust is perfect and the toppings are inspired. As if that wasn’t enough, Bonci also knocks out award winning artisan breads. Not one for when you are counting calories, then.

Try this: Keep it minimalist with a slice of the stunning Pizza Rossa.

Phuong – Hoi An


If you are after a sandwich that is beyond anything you have ever eaten before, you just have to search down the Banh Mi at the elusive Phuong in Hoi An. Crispy baguette, mayo, freshly cooked meat and salad, topped with chopped chilli and herbs. And each sandwich costs around 45p. Bravo, Phuong.

Try this: The Pork Banh Mi is quite unlike any sandwich you will have ever eaten before.

Burger de Ville – Berlin


A slice of pure Americana in the centre of Berlin, Burger de Ville is serving up some outstanding patties out of a converted Airstream caravan on a building site. The toppings range from basic to bonkers and the sides are epic too (the fries are particularly noteworthy). Just wear a hard hat.

Try this: The Cheeseburger with Italian Fries is the classic option.

Sweetery NYC – New York City

sweetery nyc muffin

Slow-cooked BBQ and stacked burgers are all well and good, but what about when the hungry street food lover wants to indulge their sweet tooth? Well, look no further than the bright blue truck of Sweetery NYC. This mobile bake shop has been producing the very best desserts since 2009, and along the way it’s become one of the most celebrated snack producers in New York City.

Try this: The Chocolate Muffin with a fresh coffee. Perfection.

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