It’s taking longer and longer to scroll down to find your year of birth. The more you scroll the more you want to scream “Noooo why meee.” We’ve compiled a list of completely terrifying things that will make you feel old. Just to rub it in really.

1. This is what Miley Cyrus looked like 12 years ago:

2. And this is what she looks like now:

3. Piers Brosnan last played James Bond 12 years ago.

4. When Titanic 3d was re-released in 2012, some kids didn’t know it was based on a true story. We feel for them, we really do.

5. Most kids who click ‘save’ on Microsoft Word have probably never even seen a floppy disk.

6. Rachael and Ross’s baby Emma would be turning 12 this year.

7. This kid is now 33 years old..

8. Britney Spears and Justine Timberlake, the teen pop sweethearts, broke up 12 years ago.

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