You’ve waited all year for your birthday party. It’s the biggest event on your social calendar. But THAT song, is the longest 20 seconds of your life and puts a proper damper on the whole party spirit. While everyone gathers around to intensely stare at you while singing ‘Happy Birthday,’ you need a plan. Because this just can’t go on.

So here are your options:

1. Sing along. This day’s all about you so go with it.

ezgif_com-optimize (1)

2. Nod and smile just nod and smile

ezgif_com-optimize (2)

3. Clap along manically


4. Pick one person in the crowd and do not break eye contact

ezgif_com-optimize (3)

5. Look everyone in the eyes. Everyone needs to feel appreciated.

ezgif_com-optimize (4)

6. Start eating the cake. You might as well keep busy

ezgif_com-optimize (5)

7. Close your eyes and wait until the torture ends.

ezgif_com-optimize (6)

8. Judge them, X Factor-style. You’re totes the new Simon Cowell

ezgif_com-optimize (7)

9. Pretend you’re the conductor and your fingers are the batons.

ezgif_com-optimize (8)

10. Think about vodka. And the awesome time you’ll be having one of Revolution’s birthday party venues.

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