Two circus elephants faced certain death in Russia this week when the trailer they were being transported in caught fire and they had to be brought out into the bitter Siberian cold. Luckily their quick witted minders knocked up two giant ‘hot toddies’ using hot water and TWO CASES of vodka they had stashed in their truck.

Officials from the Russian Emergency Ministry said the boozy cocktail warmed the elephants and fought off hypothermia or pneumonia as they huddled amid temperatures of -40 degrees… but soon there were a fears that they might have a bigger problem on their hands as the booze started to kick in.

“They started roaring like they were in the jungle…” the official told Russia’s Ria Novosti news agency, “They were very happy!”

Lucky for everyone concerned the tipsy antics of the two elephants – aged 45 and 48 – didn’t get out of hand and they escaped the cold with just minor frostbite to their ears and a mild hangover.

Why not pop into your local Revolution Bar for one of our Hot Voddy cocktails this week and raise a toast to Vodka – it’s saved the day again!

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