Can you feel it?  

You know. You know what we’re talking about. That feeling.

The feeling of waking up naturally every morning recently. The feeling that everybody but you is somehow sporting that healthy lacquer of a tan. The sudden, but absolutely constant need, to sit in a paddling pool with one of those Twister lollies doing absolutely nothing.

Yes – whisper it – but spring is here and summer is on its way. And to get you through these hot months, we’ve got some brand spanking new food specials that are fresh, seasonal and straight-up delicious.

You would be bonkers to miss these.

Botanical Summer Salad

Take a quick glance to your left or your right during your lunch hour and there’ll be someone eating a sad salad at their desk. 100%. Guaranteed. No doubt about it.

It’s summer. This is what we do during summer. We all eat salads with too much rocket. Salads with not enough dressing. Salads that actually affect our mental disposition and make us capital-S Sad.

But this is not like that. This is nothing like that. This has tender seasonal leaves, radicchio, sorrel and lemon cress. This is all combined with a sweet combination of beetroot, raspberries, strawberries and grapes. This has a light cilantro dressing that makes you want to lick the plate.

This can be topped with smoked salmon and marinated king prawns. Or avocado and goat’s cheese. Or even avocado and roasted vine tomatoes in a lemon dressing.

Yes, this, our Botanical Summer Salad, is a winner that’s so perfect for summer, we even put it in the name.

Lobster & Crab Mezzaluna

Get ready for some heavy ‘fanning yourself with a straw hat amidst the heat of the Italian sun’ vibes with this one.

We’ve lovingly put together lobster ravioli, asparagus and cherry tomatoes, before bringing the whole thing together with our rich crab cream sauce, for the type of dish someone called Carlo would order without even thinking.

Carlo, with piercing blue eyes and a strong Italian accent, tapping at the menu and saying ‘this one’. Carlo, eating this before a heavy session of ‘stealing your girlfriend’. Carlo, the coolest man in the world, ordering a second portion because it’s just that good. 

What are you doing with your life? Be more like Carlo.

The Big Nacho Cheese Dipper

We are firmly of the opinion that summer is the best time of the year because of three distinct reasons:

  1. Summer is the only season it’s acceptable to eat a Magnum at any point of the day.
  2. Summer is the only season it’s acceptable to drink a pint in a beer garden on your lunch break (we think).
  3. Summer is the only season you could get away with dipping a double-stacked cheeseburger into MELTED NACHO CHEESE SAUCE.

Come on, just look at it. Have you ever seen anything more ‘there are no rules anymore because it’s summer’ than this image?

You’re getting a pink, sun-bleached nose just looking at it, aren’t you? It’s making you really really really want to get your arms out, isn’t it? You can’t think of anything other than sitting on grass and drinking wine with your friends while someone lazily does keepy-uppys nearby, can you?

We get it. So get your summer on with our messy Big Nacho Cheese Dipper. And then plan lots of lying down in a horizontal position. ‘Cause you’ll need it.

Sharing Summer Fruits Pavlova

When the producers at Channel 4 finally take our applications to The Great British Bake Off seriously, and duly invite us on, we plan to make this Summer Fruits Pavlova for our signature bake, our technical and our showstopper. In bread week. In patisserie week. We don’t care. We’re gonna keep serving this until we win. And we will win.

Here’s Paul and budget-Mary-Berry right now, tasting the chewy meringue layered with fresh cream and summer berries of our pavlova. They are doing that nod you do while chewing when something is really really good. They are making noises you haven’t heard in a while. Paul is raving about the balance of flavours. THAT raspberry sauce, he is saying. He will never forget that raspberry sauce.

He is extending his hand. A Paul Hollywood handshake. It isn’t as firm a handshake as you’d think. But it feels like victory, ’cause Budget-Mary-Berry is handing over the trophy. We are crying. It’s only week one. We were supposed to make a classic Victoria sponge. But nobody cares. Everyone is in full agreement. We deserve this. We’ve earned this.

Our Sharing Summer Fruits Pavlova is just that good.


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