It is Cocktail Week and we are dedicated to Trying Something New every day this week!

Here are some of our weird sports suggestions to get you going… why not check out our new cocktails and #trysomethingnew today!!

Extreme Ironing

Apparently it’s the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.  The sport was actually invented in Britain, in Leicester (where all the best ideas come from…) And now you can enjoy everything from rock climbing, bungee jumping and skiing to pressing your trews on the the M1. There is no situation too extreme for the extreme ironist and their steamy friend.

Biggest Bonus: Ironing has needed spicing up for  a long time. It is time crease lovers, it is time.

Wife Carrying

Wife Carrying was born in Finland and, as you can imagine, involves a man carrying his better half around an obstacle course as fast as his buckling legs can go. If he drops her he gets a 15 second penalty. And probably a smack round the face.

Biggest Bonus: The winner earns his wife’s weight in beer!


Don’t pretend you’re too cool to know what this is. It’s exactly like it is on Harry Potter. Except real. And without magical flying powers.

Biggest Bonus: You can finally use all those Harry Potter lines you know off by heart.

Gurning Competition

Gurning competitions began in 1267. A traditional gurn involves projecting the lower jaw up and covering the upper lip with the lower lip. Peter Jackman became England’s best gurner, winning the championship 4 times with a face known as the ‘Bela Lugosi

Biggest Bonus: The uglier the better!

Bog Snorkelling

Bog Snorkelling is yet another great British invention and involves, well, snorkelling in a bog.  This came about over a drunken conversation in a pub in Wales. A conversation that we reckon went something along the lines of: Drunk 1: “ I bet you can’t swim home through the bog”… Drunk 2:  “ I bet I can.” And so the idea was born.

Biggest Bonus: We’re not sure on this one but it would definitely be funny to watch.

Do you dare to #trysomethingnew this Cocktail Week?

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