There are vodkas that are good, vodkas that are great, and vodkas that are true icons of the spirit. Our vodka of the month this time round falls firmly into the latter category.

The legend that is Absolut has gone from minuscule to massive in a little over 30 years. Launched in New York City (where else) in 1979, word quickly spread across the US about this pure, smooth vodka that used all-natural ingredients. Before long the rest of the world had heard the news, and Absolut soon became a global success.

But the actual recipe behind the drink stretches a bit further back than 1970s Manhattan. It’s origins can actually be traced back to the small Swedish town of Åhus and a rather clever chap by the name of Lars Olsson Smith. Through a process of continuous distillation Smith found that he could create a vodka that was superior in character and finish.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is the Absolut story from the horses mouth:

Absolut today is known as much for its creative credentials as its fine vodka. Inspired, artistic and downright crazy label designs; collaborations with artists including Andy Warhol; a series of high profile nightlife events across the world. It really looks like the sky’s the limit for that iconic bottle of spirit.

But if there is one thing will always keep Absolut bang on trend it is that behind all the glitz and glamour is a damn fine vodka.

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