At Revolution we don’t do things by halves – that why this month’s vodka of choice is the delectable Polish delight, Belvedere.

The cool and clean vodka, introduced in 1993, is produced exclusively in the Polish town, Żyrardów – an area renowned for its gold rye crop, of which the vodka is made. It’s also named after the Belvedere Palace, whose illustration appears on the bottle, so it’s no surprise the Polish refer to it as ‘super-premium’.

It has been suggested that Belvedere was, and is, solely responsible for the revival of the vodka martini. A drink that oozes so much sophistication, its reputation almost eclipses those who have famously enjoyed it – like James Bond for example. Shaken or stirred, the choice is yours.

With low back end sweetness and a clean taste, Belvedere is the perfect choice for any occasion. Boasting the notion of both substance and complexity, it no surprise that in its relatively short life, the Polish vodka has become popular the world over.

Finally, if like us, you’re a firm believer in the concept of variety being the spice of life, you’re in luck. Belvedere is macerated with seven unique flavours – Mango Passion, Lemon Tea, Bloody Mary, Pink Grapefruit, Black Raspberry, Orange, and Citrus.

Interested? Book a table at Revolution and find out first hand why Belvedere is so damn good.

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