Holland. A land of clogs, windmills and tulips. Nothing too exciting to offer the world, right? WRONG. Say hello to Ketel One, a vodka that will change the way you think about the Netherlands.

Originating from the Dutch town of Schiedam near Rotterdam, the Ketel One story began over 300 years ago in the copper pot stills of the Nolet family distillery. The following decades saw the Nolet firm grow into one of the most respected spirits makers in Europe and, following the opening of a US distillery in 1902, the world. Even the disastrous events of World War Two were not enough to stop the rise of this vodka.

But it was in 1983 that the Ketel One name was born under the guidance of Carolus Nolet, the great, great grandson of founder Johannes. And  word quickly spread, thanks to the unique character of the vodka. The original copper stills remained, supplemented by hi-tech column distillation to enhance the flavour even further.

And what a flavour it is. Crisp, lively and with a silky feel on the tongue; Ketel One really is an exceptional vodka that deserves its position among the biggest names.

We’re celebrating all things Ketel One with a Big Weekend full of awesome events, and a selection of limited edition cocktails. Find out more here.

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