Of all the places you might expect an award-winning vodka to be produced, a quaint farm in deepest Herefordshire is probably not one of them. Milk? Yes. Awesome steaks? Of course. But a premium, small-batch spirit? No way.

Well prepare to have your mind blown as we introduce you to our vodka of week; the rather spectacular English potato vodka from Chase.

Founded by Will Chase in 2008, Chase was born thanks to a love of the humble potato and decreasing profits in traditional farming. Will and his family first started out making crisps (they started the now famous Tyrell’s brand in 2002) then, after an inspirational trip to the USA in 2004, they embarked on the boozy journey into vodka production.

Will built a distillery on the farm and started producing vodka with a ‘field to bottle’ ethos, meaning that the company is responsible for every bit of the creation, including bottling and shipping.

Chase Distillery – Potato Harvest 2014 from Williams Chase on Vimeo.

The result is a beautifully sweet, exceedingly pure vodka that is perfect to drink neat from the freezer. It is so good that just two years after first production it was voted the as the world’s best vodka at the very fancy San Francisco Spirits Competition. Not bad for a family-run farm in Herefordshire.

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Book a table at Revolution today and give Chase vodka a shot.

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