So P Diddy’s popped his one bedroom New York flat up for sale for a cool $8.5m this week, prompting us to crave a little of the highlife… and what better way than with a shot of his favourite vodka, Ciroc?

In fact Diddy, AKA Puff Daddy/Sean Combs/Diddly Daddio (I think we made that last one up), loved Ciroc so much he became brand ambassador for the french vodka brand giving it uber-VIP status for beautiful party people across the globe ever since.

What makes Ciroc so unique is that unlike traditional vodka brands it is made from grapes (rather than grain or potatoes), using sophisticated distillation techniques normally reserved for expensive wine and cognac… and it tastes great!

You can enjoy Ciroc straight up, over ice or with your favourite mixer at your local Revolution Bar now and while we cannot guarantee you’ll leave the bar a multi-billion dollar, international superstar/entrepreneur you can at least go home, jump onto this website and change your name to something a bit more gangster!

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