Look, take it from us, forget the French Riviera for your summer break this year.

Sure, you could spend the equivalent of a year’s rent on a two-night stay in the outskirts of the French Riviera. Absolutely. Or, you could say au revoir to France this year and instead say ay up to ol’ Blighty’s very own homegrown paradise.

That’s right, the UK has it’s own answer to the French Riviera that you NEED to hear about. So sit back, throw away the French dictionary and let us tell you all about the English Riviera. 

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Get yer kit off

Being British, we couldn’t talk about a summer break in the UK without mentioning the weather.

While the majority of the UK have to make do with a few hours of mild weather in summer, the lucky so-and-sos of the English Riviera have a climate more like Southern France than South Devon, so make sure to bring those sunnies.

It’s full of beaches

The English Riviera, composed of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham, has a combined coastline that stretches 22 bloomin’ miles.

Yep, that’s right. To put that into a context everyone can understand, 22 miles is the same as placing 232,346 of our pizzas in a line. So, our monthly consumption of pizzas, basically.

Cheesy circles of dough aside, the beaches of the English Riviera are pretty stunning, and even award-winning. From turquoise waters the Mediterranean would be well jel of, to the highest cliff-top promenade in England, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the beach.

Stunning views

When it comes to natural beauty, the English Riviera doesn’t just have it in abundance, the towns of South Devon have also created the best ways to see it.

Whether it’s viewing the harbor from above by taking a seat on the ferris wheel in Torquay, or taking a traditional train along those 22 miles of stunning coastline, there are loads of ways to get your mates jelly on Insta’ with the best snaps.

Picturesque villages

Now, every town in the UK has probably claimed they have ‘the most picturesque village’ at some point, but take it from us, the villages of the English Riviera are the real deal.

Cockington, for example, a stone’s throw from the centre of Torquay, is a charming village (despite the name) with 16th century cottages, rural vistas and a 450 acre parkland and woodland.

Once you’ve explored the many hiking trails the villages offer, you can put your feet up in one of the traditional tea rooms that are littered throughout this picture-perfect place.

A ‘model’ part of Britain

So, you’re the type of person who likes to avoid the tourist traps, right? Like, when you go to Paris, you’d prefer to find yourself in an underground café listening to spoken word poetry, rather than getting a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower?

Do you like the stranger things in life?

Well, you should probably get down to the miniature village, a celebration of all things British, in the smallest possible way. Just… try not to fall on any spires.


Still not completely convinced on the English Riviera?

Well, it’s about to get even better. Before you know it we’ll have arrived in Torquay, banishing the boring and bringing our own brand of brilliant shizz. That’s ridiculously tasty cocktails, mental parties and the perfect foodie pick-me-ups.

Are you ready to say no to ordinary, Torquay?  

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