The game is simple.

Four rolled-up slices of Pepperoni Pizza. One is hiding a fiery secret. It’s up to one unlucky member of your crew to find out which one.

When we came up with the ruthless, sadistic idea of Pizza Roulette, we thought we were well clever.

Of course, when we thought of this tongue-blistering concept, we had no idea we’d be expected to actually go and give it a try for ourselves.

Anyway, we did it. And we can confirm that everyone had an awesome time.

Well, apart from one of us.

Allow us to explain.

So we arrived for Happy Hour and ordered ourselves some 2-4-1 cocktails. Being the smart bunch we are, we ordered Vodkaccinos, the iciest drinks on the menu. After all, we knew what kind of heat one of us was going to be in for.

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Next up, we took the plunge and ordered a Pizza Roulette. Very kindly, our waiter informed us that this game was not one to be underestimated.

Our egos challenged, we had no choice now but to plough ahead with the task.

We were then asked if we’d prefer an XXX Chilli or Melted Ice Cream Vodka Flavour shot with our pizza.

Of course, on the inside, we all wanted the Melted Ice Cream. But for a grandstanding, party-loving crew like ours, the safe option was not on the table. Like a pack of chest-beating apes, we ordered the XXX Chilli shot, a decision one of us would come to regret deeply.

Let the games begin

With a sense of profound dread, the waiter peeled off into the kitchen to bring us our ¾ delicious, ¼ torturous game of death.

When the pizza arrived, that’s when the real fear set in. All of us had been nursing a comforting hope that the pizza rolls would not quite fully conceal their contents, and that with a bit of eagle-eye vision we’d be able to scope out the cursed slice.

Much to our dismay, each slice looked absolutely identical. There was no way out.


All we could do now was submit to the current of fate. We each reached for a slice at random, lifted it with shaking hands to our delicate, innocent lips, and bit.

It went something like this…..

Now, there’s no need to name names here. All you need to know is that the chosen one was a grown man who had come to the table with a sense of pride and dignity. 5 minutes of red-faced afterburn had left him with absolutely none.

Being the good friends we are, we all had sympathy for him.

Just kidding, obviously. We laughed at him as hard as we could to add a good dose of humiliation to his fiery torture.

The pain is just beginning

Then, we reminded him that he needed to drink the XXX Chilli shot too. He looked at us pleadingly, as if to say ‘you’re not really going to make me do that, right?’.

We REEEALLY didn’t want to make him, but our hands were tied. ‘Those are the rules, mate’ we said, attempting to feign reluctance.

And it was fun. Really fun. Like, the
‘you-got-such-a-buzz-from-gambling-with-your-own-taste-buds-that-you’re-genuinely-a-bit-worried-about-what-kind-of-thrill-seeking-maniac-you’ve-become’ kind of fun.

So, what are you waiting for?

It’s win-win really. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a delicious slice of Pepperoni Pizza and fond memories of laughter.

If you’re unlucky, you’ll experience pain like you’ve never felt before, forcing you to grow and mature as an individual. Which is always handy, right?

Make a thrill ride of your Happy Hour with a round of Pizza Roulette for only £5.

WE DARE YOU. Book now, and never look back.

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