With qualification no longer in our hands, Tuesday’s game against Costa Rica could become insignificant depending on Uruguay’s result with Italy, but if a miracle were to happen, do you really want to miss out?

If there’s one thing that can be said about England, it’s that in the face of adversity, we pull together.  So join us for what is sure to be an eventful evening from 5pm until the early hours of the morning, potentially to celebrate, but possibly to dry our tears on the back of other people’s England shirts. Book your table and World Cup package here.

As Spain showed us all on Wednesday night, even the best are prone to a humiliation, so let’s hope England don’t become the second casualty. Whilst we still can though, let’s bathe in Spain’s misery and check out our top 5 World Cup humiliations….

5. Ahn Jung-hwan sends Italy packing

After South Korean forward Ahn Jung-hwan placed his header past Italy goalkeeper Gigi Buffon to take his country into the quarter finals of the 2002 World Cup, he was sacked by his club, Italian side Perugia, for insulting the Italian people. He went on to spend the majority of his career back in Asia, a bitter- sweet goal that completely screwed up this player’s career.

4. Northern Ireland topple Spain in their own backyard

With England seemingly taking all the attention, let’s spare a moment for those who aren’t participating in this summer’s tournament. Back in 1982, Northern Ireland created one of the shocks of the World Cup by beating Spain 2-1 at La Romareda in Zaragoza to send them through to the second round, only to finish bottom of their group once they got there.

3. France self-implode

It was highly publicised that there was no sense of togetherness amongst the French camp at the 2010 World Cup. This was highlighted by players refusing to train, reports of bullying amongst the squad and French forward Nicholas Anelka being sent home for labelling his manager Raymond Domenech,  a ‘dirty son of a whore’. Charming.

2. Of all the places to do it…..

We will always remember Italia 90 for Gazza’s tears, but from an immature perspective we will also remember Italia 90 for Gary Lineker defecating on the pitch against Ireland in the group stage, using the turf as his own personal stash of toilet paper. Lineker has since laughed off the incident… but it only took him 20 years.

1. If you thought Spain were the only ones….Think again.  

There is no bigger slap in the face than the Champions falling at the first hurdle, and for 3 of the last 4 World Cups that is what happened. We think we’re getting it bad, but it could be worse, at least no-one expects us to do well! Here’s our personal favourite from back in 2002, as Senegal defeated the champions France to produce one of the World Cup’s greatest triumphs.

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