Burgers are awesome.

No one in the world will even try to deny this. And if they do, they are lying to you and you should never speak to them again, the dirty horrible liars.

But in our kitchen, awesome won’t do. We’re after perfection.

That’s why we decided to take a closer look and think hard about how we could make burgers even better.

So we asked ourselves the following question:

What is bad about burgers?

We know. It sounds like an absurd question, but when you’re searching for perfection, you’ve got to dig deep.

After much thought and consideration, and several arguments between long time friends who will now never speak again (we’re passionate about food, don’t you know?), we finally settled on the most negative aspect of burger-eating.

Most often, it’s the bun that let’s a burger down. It’s true. Think about it.

If it’s too soft, the bun usually ends up disintegrating mid-way through the meal, and you’re basically left holding all of the burger’s contents in your mayo-and-ketchup-drenched fingers, whilst the bun rests in pieces on your plate.

If it’s too crusty and hard, the bun can be a bit of a mouthful, especially when you’re trying to enjoy a delicious beef patty in amongst all of the crusty chaos.

So there was only one question left to answer…

…what would make the perfect bun?

A bun should wrap around its ingredients gently and lovingly, like the kind but firm embrace of a mother to her children.

But like a mother, it should also know when to lay down the discipline, and be sturdy enough to keep the unit together as one functioning whole when things start to get unruly.

But what is this perfect bun that’s not too soft but not too hard, that’s easy on your mouth but can keep a monster burger in good form?

Were we asking for the impossible, a culinary paradox?

Maybe we were. But that didn’t stop us finding the answer.

Yeah, we nailed it

Meet the Pretzel bun, our unique and delicious solution to the burger-bun dilemma.


They’re exactly the answer we were looking for, thanks to their airy, light but deliciously stretchy texture. No other bun can achieve the same level of delicately chewy elasticity that allows the Pretzel bun to fit so snugly around its contents.

And as if that wasn’t enough, they taste amazing, with a touch of sweetness to complement the savoury toppings.

We’re so damn into these exquisite buns, we now serve up all of our burgers in them.

So what are you waiting for? Pay a visit to our kitchen and experience burger perfection yourself.

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