Since 1996 we have handcrafted our own unique vodka flavours. From smashing up sweets, crushing fruits and playing with spice in the basement of the very first Revolution in Manchester, we have come a long way.

All the way to 2,000,000 bottles! That’s 56 million shots..

The same as one shot for every adult in the UK.

The same as the number of kilometres between Earth and Mars. The same number of seconds in 1.77457 years (don’t check our maths) And  to celebrate we’re giving EVERYONE a FREE shot of vodka flavour at exactly 7pm on Saturday 4th October, which also happens to be NATIONAL VODKA DAY.

And because we’re just so damn excited about this you can also win a bottle of vodka flavour! We’ve hidden tiny bottles of vodka flavours around our website, if you find one click on it and enter your details to be in with a shot (get it?)

All this talk of shots, there’s only one song we need right now… Do your theng Lil Jon:

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