Part Aaaa!

We just love July. We mean REALLY love July. Not convinced? Well we’ll give you 10 reasons why it is THE month to party…

1. Summer parties, beach parties, pool parties, garden parties, just any excuse to party.

2. Nights out aren’t just about the weekend. If the sun’s out, you are and no-one’s gonna judge.


3. You can be in bed by 7pm after already having done at least 8 hours of partying. It’s almost a full time job and people really need to appreciate that.

4. Sunglasses. No one can see what’s going on behind them or in your head. And that can only be a good thing.


5. Everyone looks fitter with sun-kissed skin. Well maybe not everyone…


6. No coats so less to lose on a night out. And no more cheesy chat up lines like “ get your coat you’ve pulled.”

7.Food, food, food. That chargrilled, BBQ flavour just gets better! Burnt sausages? GET IN MY BELLY.

get in my belly

8. Drinks come with fresh fruit. You’re practically getting your 5 a day, in a cocktail.


9. Hot Legs or Hot Dogs is back.

10. You can Make your Summer at Revolution, with our summer vodka flavours summer stick for £10 plus loads of Stoli Summer specials!

Get your party started
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