Don’t worry your favourite cocktail isn’t talking about you behind your back. But your choice of tipple reveals a surprising amount about your personality…

Strawberry Collins

The fruity version of the classic Collins is served with our own strawberry infused vodka, lemon & soda over ice. In 1878 the Collins was described as “a favourite drink in demand everywhere,” just like you then! You’re a vibrant, out-there kinda person, who likes to add excitement to their life in any way possible. You live life by the phrase ‘lifes for living, so why not?’ And we couldn’t agree more.

 Honey Berry Sour

Krupnik honey vodka, Chambord and egg white shaken over ice with a dash of lemon. The sweetest Sour you’ll ever taste. And that pretty much sums you up. You’re nice as pie but definitely have an edge. Which means if anyone is leading the way into the risky unknown it’s you. You’re not afraid to try something new, because if you don’t try then you’ll never know.

Dark ‘n’ stormy

Tall, dark and very handsome this Bermuda born cocktail has heritage that’s not to be messed with. Gosling’s Black Seal rum (of course) with ginger beer and a touch of lime. You’re a straight talking, tough cookie but you’ve got a soft side.  Some people don’t get you, they say you’re mysterious. But that’s all part of the allure. You like the finer, richer things in life. A bit of a culture vulture but, at the end of a long day you love the simple things, like a good friends and a great drink.

Moscow Mule

When vodka and ginger beer came together in this perfect marriage it took 1950s America by storm. Served in a copper mug using Russian Standard vodka, exactly how it was back then. The Moscow Mule knows no gender or cultural boundaries, and neither do you. In fact you know no boundaries at all, which means the possibilities for you are endless. It’s all or nothing! Like the Moscow Mule you’ve got a bit of a kick. But it’s what your mates love about you.

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