Summer is long gone, and winter is coming. If we’re lucky, there’ll be a bit of snow during Christmas so we can pretend we’re all living in that gloriously wintry Coca Cola advert.

If we’re unlucky (which us Brits usually are when it comes to the weather), we’ll be treated to a light but permanent mist of cold rain and a grey sky that makes it look as if everything in the universe died apart from the UK. How fun, eh?

Yes, winter is mostly a cold, wet and dull affair. But did you know that there are some places in the world where winter is actually something to look forward to? We agree, it sounds downright bizarre. But it’s true, and we’ve made this little list to prove it.

For those who don’t mind a bit of cold…

Chamonix, France


Ask anyone who knows anything about skiing, and they’ll tell you that the Alps host some of the best slopes in the world, and there’s no better resort to access them than Chamonix. Ski all day, party all night, repeat. Now that’s how you do winter.

Aspen, CO, United States


Hunter S. Thompson made this ski resort town his home after declaring it one of the coolest places in the world. Consequently, every A-lister who wanted to be as cool as Thompson flocked to live there too, and now it’s one of the most luxuriously affluent towns in the US. Snow, excess, partying and celebrities can all be found here during winter, so why on earth wouldn’t you want to go there?

Berlin, Germany


Okay, so Berlin basically looks like it’s made out of perfectly decorated gingerbread houses during Christmas time. Even The Grinch would be on board with this.

Reykjavik, Iceland


Northern lights? Check. Geothermal swimming pools? Check. Shimmering lakes and awe-inspiring frozen landscapes? Check, check. Yeah, Iceland is the home of winter perfection.

For those who just NEED that sunny fix during winter….

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


This city isn’t for everyone – it’s very glamorous, rich and superficial – but for the more flashy of you out there who want guaranteed blazing sun during the winter period, this is the place.

Cyprus, Greece


This is the place for people to chase the sun on a bit more of a modest budget. It won’t be as hot as Dubai, but the flights are more affordable, and you’ll be able to escape the grey skies of Great Britain whilst eating some delightful Greek food on the beach. What more could you want?

And there you have it – definitive proof that all is not lost during winter. That said, we’ve certainly got our fair share of lovely Christmas markets in England, so we can’t complain too much.

Plus, there’s always the awesome Christmas party experience we’ve got on offer at Revolution, where you’ll find warmth, insanely tasty festive food and special winter cocktails to really keep you toasty. Check out what we’ve got on offer – believe us, it’ll make you feel better a lot better about being a Brit in winter.

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