The word ‘Mojito’ is said to come from the African word meaning ‘mojo’, meaning little spell or charm. Yes, every day really is a school day with Revolution

We’re making this Big Friday all about Mojito Madness, because that’s how much we love Mojitos! If we could, we’d do a Cheryl Cole and marry ALL our Mojito Madness special cocktails in secret. We’re kicking off all the madness with a massive new menu launch party tomorrow from 5pm. You can book your table here.

But before you step foot in a bar, have you got your mojo? Bet you didn’t even realise you’d lost it did you? Not pulling as often, no rhythm on the dance floor, chat gone dry? Yep, you’ve definitely lost your mojo.

Here’s how to get it back:

1.    Bust a move.


2.  Do something that scares you, even if that is catching a spider in a glass.


3.    Flirt.


4.   Power ballads. Nothing better than belting out a classic with a fist pump.


5.    And finally, put it in the f**k it bucket and move on


5 simple steps and you’ll have your mojo back. Like this guy. He’s just found his…


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