We can smell it. We can feel it. And on some days we can actually see it. Summer is here. And we’re celebrating with a Stoli Vodka Summer Party on Friday! We’ve partnered with our favourite vodka pour, Stolichnaya because they seriously know how to party, almost as much as us.

We’ll be launching our brand new summer special cocktails on Big Friday, 27th June with Happy Hour offers from 5-7pm plus our £10 ten shot summer stick! Book your Big Friday here. * Offers not available in Scotland

So which of our new summer cocktails best suits you?

Stoli Summer Lemonade

Other people  think you’re sweet and innocent but they couldn’t be more wrong. Your friends really rely on you, well rely on you to be last man standing on a night out. Most likely to say “hold my drink, this is my song!”

Favourite dance move: The dutty wine

Thrilla ‘n Vanilla

Some say you have attitude, others say you’re sharp witted, but past the front you have a soft sweet centre.

Favourite dance move: The Carlton dance.


Ooh La La Martini

If you were lost, friends would look for you at the bar, sitting stylishly, Martini in hand, chatting the bar staff up. You’re too sophisticated for your own good, except on the dance floor, then things get loose.

Favourite dance move: The Running Man. It’s a classic!


Club Tropicana

You think you’re pretty hot. You’ll look at yourself in anything reflective from balloons to spoons. But why not? You know how to have a good time and if there’s ever one of those ‘go down in history’ type of nights, it’ll probably be down to you.

Favourite dance move: The sexy salsa


Strawberry Pimm’s Perfection

You hibernate most of the year, only leaving the house during winter when you’re sure every item of clothing is tucked in to reduce the chance of wind chill. Summer is your time to shine when day time drinking becomes your strongest skill.

Favourite dance move: Arms up, eyes closed and sway.


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