We celebrated the August bank holiday weekend with a Big Weekend of west coast cool, featuring ice cold beers, chilled rosé and sparkling Prosecco, for that Cali rooftop vibe.

The question is, if you were living it up on Venice Beach, which character would you be?

The Sun Seeker

There’s so much more to tanning. It may look like you’re only moving to change position every 30 minutes but in fact behind those over-sized shades, there’s a lot going on, like watching Venice Beach go by.

Muscle Beach Bod

You are SO Judi Dench and would fit right in beasting it up on muscle beach. The infamous fitness spot has been going since the mid 1930s and was once frequented by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Your Instagram’s full of fitness inspo quotes like ‘eat clean, train dirty’ and you’re not shy about taking a gym selfie- you’re pumped and proud.

unnamed (1)

Free Spirits

You’ve got an anything-goes, free-loving kinda vibe going on. You’d be right at home in a drum circle, dancing in the sun and wearing wild flowers in your hair. If it was down to you, you’d never wear shoes.


Street Performers

People call you weird, but you take it as a compliment. The Skateboarding Dog, The Candy Man, a living two headed turtle, and The Glass Man, if Venice beach was your neighborhood, they’d be your kinda people.

unnamed (3)

Roller Babe

Roller fashion is your thing, athletic attire meets sleezy disco. Your perfect night out would be a roller disco featuring 70s hits and a whole load of lycra.

It’s ONLY the lethal pavements that stop you from elegantly gliding to work on roller skates (and the lousy weather and the short shorts)

unnamed (2)

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