To get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day, at Revolution we’re not putting Barry White on or serenading you with love songs, instead here are a whole bunch of reasons why it’s better to be single on Valentine’s Day.

And no, it’s not because we’re bitter. It’s because Friday comes first in this relationship. So join us on the 14th for free giveaways, flirty photo props and our special “love stick” of handcrafted vodka.


1. A day dedicated to the number 1 person in your life? Well that’s either you or your dog. Either way it will be an awesome day.


2. When Beyonce “All the Single Ladies” comes on, you can hit the dancefloor, hands in the air. Yes it’s cringe but you’ve got an ass that won’t quit and you don’t give a shit.


3. Valentine’s Day isn’t even a real thing. We all know it was made up by Hallmark in a brainstorming meeting entitled “Bullshit That Will Make Us Money.” We don’t all still put our teeth under a pillow do we?

4. All that free time. Take up a new sport, start life drawing classes, go out for drinks after work every night, have an epic Game of Thrones marathon. Basically do whatever the hell you want.

5. All that money you were going to spend on over-priced flowers, disgustingly sickening cards and a meal out? IT’S ALL YOURS. TO SPEND ON GOOD TIMES. FOR YOU.


6. If you don’t have an ‘other half’ then surely you are one whole person. That’s just good maths.

7. You can fall asleep on the couch without texting someone “good night”. In fact, you can fall asleep wherever the hell you like.


8. You 100 percent won’t be dumped on Valentine’s Day. We promise.

9. If you want to eat beans on toast all week because you can’t be arsed making anything else, you can because nobody will know. And if nobody knows, nobody can judge you. Which means it didn’t happen. Score.


10. Tuck your PJs in your socks, your t-shirt in your PJs and congratulate yourself on the air tight outfit.


This Valentine’s Day, put Friday first! And to really get the good times going book a table. 


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