Hey Southend.

By now you’ll know Revolution Southend bar and restaurant is on its way… We’ll soon be doing what we do best and bringing the finest cocktails, delicious food and late-night parties like you wouldn’t believe.

But hold on, there’s actually more. Not only are we bringing one of the most extensive drinks menus available, we’ve only gone and teamed up with Ketel One and their super premium vodka. Then, we’ve created some new cocktail specials that are simply perfect for sunny ol’ Southend.

So Get The Ketel On, sit back and let us tell you all about ‘em.

Dutch Mule

With a 13th-century castle on its doorstep, it’s safe to say that Southend is a stunning town with heritage – and one that deserves a cocktail that’s just as steeped in history. That’s why we serve up a timeless classic which, in true Revolution fashion, has a bit of a modern twist.

Step forward the Dutch Mule, made with Ketel One vodka, Teichenné Peach schnapps, apple and pear syrups, lime and bramble jam, all topped with Aspall Suffolk Cyder. Inspired by Holland, without a tulip in sight.

Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink

Southend can boast about being the warmest and driest place in the UK, making it the unofficial capital of summer vibes.

That sounds like a perfect match for our Tickled Pink. Made with Ketel One vodka, Coco Reàl, Luxardo amaretto, pineapple, grenadine and lime juice. This cocktail gets you as close to a tropical island as, well, Southend does!

Ketel Mar-tea-ni

We know Southend is anything but ordinary, which is why we’re bringing something a little bit extraordinary to the table.  

Ketel One vodka, elderflower cordial, apricot syrup, lemon, Earl Grey tea and apple juice, with a squeeze of grapefruit. A revolutionary mix served with a fancy cup and saucer, it’s definitely everyone’s favourite cup of tea.  

Mango Loco

Mango Loco

Now, Southend sure ain’t shy about showing a bit of skin. When the sun comes out, expect to see residents get their kit off and form a half-naked queue to the beach quicker than you can say birth-day suit.

That’s why we’re bringing our icy vodkaccino, the Mango Loco, along for the ride. Refreshing, cooling and even topped with tasty Rainbow Drops. It’s so good, we’re SURE Southend is gonna go crazy for it.

Get The Ketel On

As one of the biggest seaside party towns, we know Southend doesn’t do normal nights out.

So how could we not bring our party-sized version of the Ketel Mar-tea-ni? Served with your very own pot, cup and saucer, it’s a tasty storm in a tea, erm… Ketel. Yeah.


Now, this is just a teeny tiny taste of our drinks menu. Quite frankly, we’ve got more incredible cocktails than you can shake a swizzle stick at, and we can’t wait to share it all with you.

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