Look, Torquay. Here’s how it is.

We know you’re awesome. We’ve seen with our own eyes just how picturesque you are.

We’ve walked your stunning coastline (All. 22. Miles. Of. It.). And we’ve even learnt your slang so we don’t turn up and sound like a right ol’ grockle.

But we think it’s about time you learnt just how awesome we are too. We know Revolution Torquay is gonna fit right in with your lovely little town, and to prove it, here’s a rundown of why you should definitely be excited that we’re coming to Torquay.  

Cocktails with heritage

Ketel One cocktail specials

When we say that we’re masters of cocktail making, we’re not kidding around. And after teaming up with the experts at Ketel One and their silky smooth vodka, we’ve pushed the limits of cocktail wizardry to create a menu quite unlike any other.

From our Dutch Mule, a timeless classic with a contemporary twist, to our Tickled Pink, a sweet cocktail that’s just the tropical ticket, one thing’s for sure with this menu… Expect the unexpected.

If you think you can handle a menu 325 years in the making, check out the full thing here.

Big on flavour

Look, we know that it’s all well and good mixing up the most perfect blends, but if we’re not dazzling your taste buds in every possible way, it’s all for nothin’.

That’s exactly we’ve applied the same skills and crazy imagination to the kitchen, and ended up with a food menu that’s just as bold as any of our wildest cocktails. Remember, a meal with us is not just fuel, it’s cause for a celebration. And you know we’re all about celebrating.

Iconic Handcrafted Flavours

Tiramisu. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Dandelion and Burdock. That’s right, and we’re only just getting started.

We’ve taken the ultimate party spirit for our Handcrafted Flavours and mixed, muddled and messed around to create a dizzying array of zany, ridiculous, mouth-watering flavours.

With 30 to choose from, you’re guaranteed to fall in love at least once.

We know how to throw an epic party

It’s pretty simple. Any occasion, any size, any excuse… We’ve got you covered with our party packages.

For more than two decades, we’ve been saying no to normal nights out, we’ve moderated any form of moderation and basically, we’ve made the good times great.

Day or night, midweek meal or weekend shindig, we’ll find a reason to celebrate every occasion, and make it the biggest party you’ve ever seen.


Are you ready to party, Torquay?

We hope you’re ready for something brand new, ‘cause here comes the era of extraordinary. 


Get your party started
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