The Food Holiday Gods, in their infinite wisdom, have blessed us with yet another free pass to stuff ourselves with carbs, and we just HAVE to make the most of it this Eat What You Want Day!

And so, to celebrate what is possibly the BEST day of the year, we’re asking you to put your juicer back in the box, forget you’ve ever heard of bloomin’ goji berries and slip into your favourite fat pants. Here’s our round-up of our favourite dishes as we prepare to EAT WHAT WE WANT!

The Mother Clucker

As Eat What You Want Day becomes one of our favourite days, there’s simply no dispute that the month of May is the GREATEST month.

Not only does it have Eat What You Want Day and a whopping two bank holidays on its roster… it also has the honour of being National Burger Month!

So to give this seriously amazing month the love it deserves, we’ve got a burger fit for a serious appetite. The Mother Clucker is a beautiful (on the inside) monster burger full of corn-battered chicken, smoked cheddar, streaky bacon, a slab o’ beef, chorizo sauce, sweet potato fries AND smoky mayo.

We know, we know, you’re welcome.

Classic Steak Sandwich

Look, we know what you’re thinking. A sandwich isn’t very adventurous on Eat What You Want Day, right?

Well, we don’t wanna go all M&S advert on you, but this is not just a steak sandwich.

This is perfectly tender, thinly sliced rump steak, topped with delicious, crispy onions and with a healthy dollop of tangy mustard. This is served on a lightly toasted pretzel roll. This is having your steak and eating it too. 

Damn. We just went full on M&S, didn’t we?

Fifty Fifty Pizza

Eat What You Want Day is all about YOU, so we think it’s only fair that we let you create your very own masterpiece to get stuck into.

With a massive choice of toppings, this is the perfect dish for those who want the best of both worlds, are indecisive AF, or are just plain greedy. Whatevs. It’s your day!

Slow-cooked BBQ Ribs

We’re not gonna lie, the thought of tender meat dripping with season-infused juices as it slowly, succulently slides off the bone is enough to get us more than a little hot under the collar.

Order our Slow-cooked BBQ Ribs, and you’re going to have one seriously delectable meal on your hands.

We’re not kidding either, it’ll be all over your hands and you’ll have absolutely no shame in licking it off. Andddd we’re hot again. 

Nutella Fluffwich

If you’re not allowed to keep a jar of Nutella in the house (because of what happened last time at 3AM when-you-thought-you-were-being-quiet? Yeah, us too) then THIS is the perfect dessert for Eat What You Want Day.

With a decadently sweet combo of marshmallow fluff and Nutella, beautifully sandwiched in deep-fried brioche, you’ve got no chance being quiet while eating this. Mmmm.


Hungry now? Yeah, us too.

With Eat What You Want Day kickin’ off tomorrow, we reckon you should fight your hunger by coming and munching some of our MASSIVE tastes. Book a table right this second, and if you haven’t yet found the dish you want to devour, check out our full menu to get even more #foodporn inspo.


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