It’s all over.

Just yesterday you were so full of hope and sunshine dreams, and now before the end of this sentence, life will be cold, dark, and wrapped in flannel.

It’s hard to admit (and we wish we had Jon Snow here to say it instead) but it’s completely inevitable now… Winter is coming.

And to show you just how much a few degrees changes everything, we’re rounding up the differences between YOU at the start of summer vs. the very cold bitter end.


The start: You envisioned a tanned version of yourself hitting every festival on the calendar, throwing a BBQ every other day, and maybe, just maybe, dancing to some Calvin Harris on a yacht somewhere.

Sure, you don’t know anyone who owns a yacht. But that’s the point, you had dreams back then.

The end: So it turns out you went to one rainy BBQ, almost got Glasto tickets this summer, and never did get on that damn yacht.

And now? Well, you’re spending your days tucked up in bed binge-watching entire Netflix categories while ignoring any and all social events until summer next year.


The start: Literally, anything goes when it’s 18°C outside.

Sunglasses 24/7? Necessary. Flip-flops to work? Sure thang. A bikini to Sainsbury’s? We like your style.  

The end: You’re not a quitter, and we respect you for that.

But when you tried to get away with flip-flops in September, you almost lost your pinky toes to rain-induced frostbite.

And after an experience like that, we’re not surprised you’ve started wearing two frumpy jumpers at a time with a statement duvet over the top.


The start: Pineapples, mangoes, coconuts.

Whether it’s a smoothie or a cocktail, your drinking diet revolves around the most stereotypical tropical flavours… And you wouldn’t change it for the world.

And really, if a drink doesn’t have a tiny umbrella that makes you feel like you’re watching Jamaican sunset, it’s not worth your time in summer.

The end: You tried to fool yourself and get a mango smoothie, but it was like eating a warm fudge cake on a sunbed. Just not on.

So now what? Well, you do what everybody does at this time of year. Drink 14 mugs of tea every day until the Pumpkin Spice Latte finally makes its return.


The start: You don’t even really like watermelon… Yet here you are, shoveling wedges of the stuff like they’re Doritos.

And when you aren’t filling up on those juicy lil’ triangles, you’re having the lightest summer salads to pretend you’re healthy to your Insta followers.

The end: Well, it’s like this… You’re eating EVERYTHING.

Seriously, we’re talking a roast every two days to prepare your stomach for the onslaught of Christmas. So much bread you alone are keeping Warburton’s in business. An overall average of 1.5 slices of pizza per day until at least January.

And you’ve never been so happy.


The start: Despite your best attempts, it’s really not that great.

If we’re honest, it seems we all massively overestimate just how much sun ol’ Blighty gets.

The end: Ah, well at least some things never change.


Is the end of summer really bumming you out?

Fear not friends, ‘cause from the heavenly bits and pieces gracing our food menu, to the perfectly handcrafted blends of our cocktail menu, we’ve got the answers to all your problems right here.

Book your table right this second, and let us bring some sunshine vibes your way!

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