We’ve all been there. You’re feeling glum. Maybe you’ve been unproductive. Maybe you’re feeling a little insecure about the progress you’ve made in life so far. Maybe you’re focusing on all the negatives in life and it’s getting you down.

Then, all of sudden, a powerful quote set against a dramatic image slides across your newsfeed and changes everything.

You pick yourself up, change your entire life and become a millionaire.

Of course this is complete rubbish. But, people seem to love them anyway, so here’s a list of inspirational quotes that are totally philosophical and life changing and whatnot to help you get through Monday.

There, now you’re totally ready to face the rest of Monday, right?

Unfortunately, words can only do so much. But awesome food on the other hand, that can actually make your Monday loads better.

That’s why the food in our kitchen is half price every Monday. We’re not saying that it will change your entire outlook on life, but it will definitely add some flavour to the start of your week.

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