Halloween seems to becoming a bigger and bigger deal every year and at Revolution we really don’t need any excuse to get tooled up, cross-dress and wear eyeliner. So this Halloween we are going ‘all in’ with freaky Zombie Discos happening at Revolution bars all over the place, which means Vodka Lovers can come together for one hell of a fright night.

Expect a soundtrack ‘to die for’ plus a selection of limited edition devilish cocktail creations such as ‘The Night Stalker’ and ‘Black Widow’ available during Halloween party week only. Not to mention our special edition, vampire inspired ‘Vodka Blood Shots’. The vegans amongst you can chill out – It’s not really blood, but a mixture of berry vodkas that create a blood red vodka delight for you to shoot and share…if you dare!

Find out more by checking the event info for your local bar on our website or Facebook and remember if you wanna rave this Halloween, then do it vodka style!

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