Rat-arsed, drunk as a skunk, hair of the dog. There’s some pretty weird sayings out there for how we spend our weekends but have you ever thought “Where the hell did that come from.” No? Well we’re going to tell you anyway. Feel free to pull these facts out next time there’s an awkward silence with your mates. They’ll love it. You are welcome.

Drunk as a skunk
Probably just because it rhymes. And that’s a good enough reason for us.

Hair of the dog
This peculiar phrase came from a crazily unsuccessful method of treating a rabid dog bite by placing hair from the dog in the wound. Well that sounds like the worst idea ever, just as drinking the next day often is.

On the wagon
Some people think that this phrase came from when prisoners were allowed one last drink before being carted off (on a wagon). These people are wrong but go easy on them. The truth is a little more dull than that and comes from when a ‘water cart’ was used to clean the streets

“ I got absolutely blottoed”
First rearing its ugly head in the 1900 meaning “extremely drunk” derived from the word blot meaning “ to soak up liquid” and “ to obliterate or erase” . Well that makes perfect sense. “Blottoed” hasn’t been used since the ’90s, but we like it – lets bring it back.


According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the term hangover was first used in 1894 meaning “ a survival, a thing left over from before.” That’s about right, sometimes on a Saturday we feel like a “ a thing left over.”

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