And just like that, the festive season is in full, glitzy swing. For all you office workers out there, December means one thing, and one thing only. Secret Santa. Here’s why we think this tradition is downright dreadful (along with some handy survival tips to get you through these dark times)!

It’s seriously stressful

As if Christmas didn’t bring enough sleepless nights, Secret Santa comes along and heaps a whole extra set of worries on your shoulders. From choosing a gift (jokey or serious?), to battling with crowds of festive shoppers, no-one needs an extra person to buy for at this time of year. Want our advice? You can’t go wrong with a yuletide tipple – so buy a bottle of mulled wine and be done with it.

You don’t even know who you’re buying for

You have to traipse all the way to the shops on your lunch break and spend a tenner on someone who you’ve never actually met. FFS, this is seriously soul destroying. To minimise the resentment, put a banknote in your spare change jar NOW, ready to be used next year. It won’t feel quite so bad.

Let’s face it – it never stays secret

People, this is not an expression of goodwill. YOU’RE BEING JUDGED. Don’t be fooled into thinking your identity will stay a secret, because trust us, it will be revealed sooner or later. And, when people find out you’re the one who bought that lame present, you’ll be the subject of more office gossip than you bargained for. So whatever you do, don’t tell a soul which fussy work friend (or foe!) you’ve been lumped with.

Some people really suck at choosing presents

You take your role as Secret Santa very seriously. You spend ages picking out the perfect thoughtful present, only to be gifted a load of old tat that, quite frankly, belongs in the bin. Don’t believe us when we say that some people must just be really, really bad at choosing presents… In fact, take a look at this Buzzfeed article. We rest our case.

It can be VERY awkward

Finally, the day arrives. It’s time to open your present from (a surprisingly still) Secret Santa. You unwrap the cheap paper, only to be met with planet Earth’s most awful gift to mankind (ok, we may be exaggerating here, so let’s just say you don’t like it). You find yourself surrounded by eager, festive faces. BUT WHICH ONE BOUGHT IT FOR YOU? Your pulse starts to race and your palms start to sweat, as you try so very, very hard to put on your ‘ahhh thanks’ face.
Gah, Secret Santa, you’re dreadful!

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