Our expert mixologists have been hard at work making our cocktail selection even bigger, better and bolder than ever before. And they did one hell of a job. The freshest ingredients, a whole load of premium spirits and new additions like the Candy Apple Cosmo and the Honey Citrus Swizzle. Get involved.

Cocktails MENU

  • Disco Cocktails

    Captain Coconut

    A real tropical storm in a Boston tin. Kraken rum, Malibu, banana liqueur, pineapple and orange juice.

    The Jammy B*stard

    We just can't resist this cheeky bugger. Absolut Original & Absolut Berri Açaí vodkas with Amaretto & Chambord, mixed with blackberries & apple juice. So jammy.

    Strawberry Woo Woo

    A disco ball of a cocktail; Stoli and Absolut Raspberri vodkas, Teichenné Peach liqueur, strawberries and cranberry juice. For the first (and last) people on the dancefloor.

    Rum Bongo

    Bacardi Superior rum with Teichenné Coconut, Grenadine and passion fruit, shaken over ice and topped with pineapple juice. About as laid back as it gets.


    Stoli Razberi vodka with banana liqueur, bubblegum syrup, shaken with cranberry juice, topped with lemonade and garnished with sweeties. Like all your childhood dreams have come true at once.

    Rodeo Peach Smash

    A hit of Wild Turkety bouron and sweet Teichenné Peach liqueur, shaken with lemon and mint then topped with Red Bull. Hold on tight, because it's one hell of a ride. (Also available with Red Bull Sugarfree).

    Rio Toro

    Named after one of the wildest rivers in Costa Rica, because this is one fierce mix of flavours. Barcardi Superior rum, lemon pureé, passion fruit pureé and orange juice, finished with Red Bull. (Also available with Red Bull Sugarfree)

    Cranberry Fizz

    Our low calorie, big taste! SKYY Raspberry vodka & Cointreau with fresh lime & cranberry juice, lengthened with sparkling soda for a real fizz. It's practically good for you.

    Vodka Rev Bull

    A recipe for a packed dancefloor. A double measure of Stoli vodka with a full can of Red Bull. (Also available with Red Bull Sugarfree)

    Peachy Cheeks

    Watch out, this is a sultry little number. Stoli Vanil vodka and peach schnapps get up close and personal with apple juice and peach pureé. May contain explicit scenes.

    Hoochy Mama

    A cheeky concoction of Beefeater gin, elderflower cordial and Hooch. Some real British heritage with added bite.

    Absolut Passion

    This cocktail gets its name from our passion for vodka (and yes, probably also the passion fruit). Absolut Mango vodka, Malibu rum & Cointreau orange liqueur infused with lemon & passion fruit, finished with apple juice.

  • Classic

    Strawberry Paloma

    A sweet take on the Mexican Paloma with Olmeca tequila, fresh strawberries, lime juice and Ting. As thirst quenching as it gets.

    Dark 'n' Stormy

    Tall, dark and very handsome this Bermuda born cocktail has heritage that's not to be messed with. Gosling's Black Seal rum (of course) with ginger beer and a touch of lime.

    Pornstar Martini

    The only cocktail wicked enough to be served with a shot of Prosecco. A fruity martini that oozes reckless glamour. SKYY Passion Fruit & Stoli Vanil vodkas, mixed with passion fruit, stirred with sugar, topped with orange juice & garnished with more passion fruit.

    Cosmopolitan Martini

    The ingredients list of the iconic 'Cosmo' reads like a recipe for a party: Belvedere Citrus vodka with Cointreau, cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime, garnished with an orange flame. See, makes you want to dance doesn't it?

    Long Island Iced Tea

    If you only drink one cocktail for the rest of your life, make sure you do it properly. A suprisingly delicate balance of Stoli vodka, Cointreau orange liqueur, Beefeater gin, Bacardi Superior rum and Olmeca tequila with a squeeze of lemon topped with Coca Cola.

    Electric Margarita

    A high voltage mix of Olmeca tequila, Malibu, Blue Curaçao and lime juice.

    Peanut Butter Martini

    Stoli Salted Karamel vodka and Kraken rum, shaken with Teichenne Chocolate, peanut butter, milk and cream then strained and served in a chilled martini glass. And, because you can never have enough salty, chocolatey goodness, accompanied by a Reese’s Cup.


    Created in 1984, which in cocktail terms makes it a modern classic.Tanqueray gin & lemon juice drizzled with Crème de Mure, served over crushed ice.

  • Mojitos

    Hobo Mojito

    Don't let the name put you off, this Mojito is sharp and fresh. Sailor Jerry with sugar, mint and passion fruit topped with pineapple juice and served in a tin can. Because that's how hobo chic is done.

    Classic Mojito

    Ernest Hemingway's favourite drink. He also once wrote: "This is a good place… There's a lot of liquor" so you kinda have to think he knew what he was talking about… Bacardi Superior rum mixed with fresh mint leaves, sugar and lime juice over crushed ice and topped with soda water.

    Raspberry and Basil Mojito

    Our wildest Mojito because of its powerfully fresh flavours. Bacardi Superior rum, our own raspberry and basil syrup & a hit of lime, topped with soda and garnished with mint. The drink that cannot be tamed.

    Strawberry and Passion Fruit Mojito

    Cuban passion in a glass. Bacardi Superior rum, passion fruit & strawberries with sugar, topped with soda & mint. Because if we can't fly you to Cuba we can make you feel like you're there.

  • Vintage

    Amaretto Sour

    A silky smooth sweet and sour almond liqueur fusion. Luxardo amaretto, egg white and lemon juice with a dash of bitters and a cherry on top.

    Bubblegum Sour

    Stoli vodka with lemon juice, bubblegum syrup, egg white and bitters shaken and strained over crushed ice and garnished with bubblegum sweets. We can't lie, it's not exactly the most macho of cocktails, but it is the most fun.

    Whisky Sour

    They say it's been around since 1870. We say good things never die. A large measure of Monkey Shoulder whisky, egg white, lemon and a dash of bitters.


    Another classic from the ultra hip Harry's Bar in Venice. Prosecco over peach puree with a lemon twist.

    Grey Goose Le Fizz

    Grey Goose vodka shaken with St Germaine Elderflower liqueur and lime juice topped with soda and served in a chilled Champagne flute. Fruity, floral and refreshingly smooth.

    Kir Royale

    Popular in French cafes in the mid 19th century and named after Felix Kir, a WW2 resistance fighter. Crème de Cassis topped with Prosecco and garnished with raspberries and mint for simple perfection.

    Summer Julep

    Wild Turkey 81 whiskey with mint, bitters and strawberries. A sweet
    twist on a proper classic.

    Mint Julep

    Created in the southern states of America, the Mint Julep was originally drunk at dawn to really get the day going. Wild Turkey 81 whiskey shaken over ice with sugar syrup, bitters and slapped mint leaves.


    Legend has it that Count Camillo Negroni in 1919 asked for his favourite aperitif with 'a bit more
    kick'. The barman added gin and a classic was born. Tanqueray gin, Aperol, Rosso and bitters gently
    blended in a glass and garnished with perfumed orange.

    The Moscow Mule

    When vodka and ginger beer came together in this perfect marriage it took 1950s America by storm. Served in a copper mug using Stoli vodka, exactly how it was back then, we haven't messed with a classic.

  • Pitchers

    Caribbean Passion

    A heady mix of Bacardi Gold rum, amaretto and Malibu fused together with sweet passion fruit. Lemonade, squeezed lime and orange juice bring some citrus to the party.

    Big Jammy B*stard

    Absolut Original & Absolut Berri Açaí vodkas with Amaretto & Chambord liqueurs, mixed with blackberries & apple juice. So jammy.

    Big Strawberry Woo Woo

    A disco ball of a pitcher; Stoli and Absolut Raspberri vodkas, Teichenné Peach liqueur, strawberries and cranberry juice. For the first (and last) people on the dancefloor

    Fizzie Rascal

    Fizz up, look sharp! Absolut Original and Absolut Raspberri vodkas mixed with Southern Comfort. Fruited with wild blueberries, lemons, cranberry juice & then fizzed with lemonade.

    Big Absolut Passion

    Share some passion! Absolut Mango vodka, Malibu rum & Cointreau orange liqueur infused with lemon & passion fruit, finished with apple juice.

    Big Rum Bongo

    Bacardi Superior rum with Teichenné Coconut, grenadine and passion fruit, shaken over ice and topped with pineapple juice. About as laid back as it gets.

    Absolut Chambulls

    Only if you think you can handle the mess. Absolut vodka with sparkling pear wine, finished with Red Bull. (Also available with Red Bull Sugarfree)

    The Big Jug of Love

    Finlandia Lime, Absolut Berri Açaí and Davna cherry vodkas mixed with strawberries & lengthened with apple & cranberry juice. Because we love you and actions speak louder than words.

  • Share with Friends

    Zombie Shaker

    Our take on Don the the Beachcomber's classic hangover cure. He never gave away his secret recipe, so neither are we! A secret blend of rums mixed with passion fruit, orange and pineapple juices and a dash of bitters.

    Jar 'o' Gin

    Share a crisp taste of summer with a choice of either Bloom gin with fresh strawberries or Beefeater gin with
    grapefruit and lime, all topped with Fever-Tree tonic water.

    Hurricane Shaker

    Originally created in 1940s New Orleans this party cocktail is the flavour of Mardi Gras. Bacardi Superior and Kraken rums, orange, pineapple and lime juices with passion fruit syrup all served in a shaker for sharing.

    Long Island Iced Teapot

    Smuggled straight from New York...Stoli vodka, Cointreau, Bacardi Superior rum, Beefeater gin and Olmeca tequila, mixed with lemon purée, lime juice and Coca Cola.

    Swedish Pirate Copper Jug

    Large measures of Brugal rum and Malibu with Chambord and orange juice topped with a bottle of Mango and Raspberry Rekorderlig, all served over ice in a copper jug. Guaranteed to shiver your timbers.

    Hoochy Mama Copper Jug

    Beefeater gin, elderflower and Hooch; served in a copper jug for sharing because this is one big, bold mama with bite.

  • Cocktail Boxes

    Mojito Box

    The Mojito Box comes with everything you need to create our Mojitos for yourself, from mint leaves to Bacardi rum and even a Mojito manual, all delivered right to your table. Perfect for parties who want to mix it up!

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